Possible future US president Ted Cruz says he traded classic rock for country because 9/11




Bat-shit crazy?

Or crazy like a fox?


Obama-Hatin’, machine-gun-wavin’ neocon nutbag Ted Nugent is generally classified as a “rock” musician. Hippie activist Willie Nelson and the “we don’t support this war” Dixie Chicks are generally classified as “country” musicians. So there’s that.


It is so creepy how GOP leaders constantly refer to 9/11, like it’s the best thing that ever happened to them. Like they wax nostalgic about it.


Because Puttin’ Boots in Asses is the American Way…

But to be fair, there is no Classic Rock produced after 9/11, in the first place…


Man, I know EVERYTHING CHANGED on 9/11, but I didn’t realize that included music from 40 years ago.


Well… look on the bright side, at least he’s intellectually curious about something. Just not anything that matters.

Crus reminds me of the love child of a used-car salesman and youth minister.


Buddy Holly’s refusal of public support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq was just sickening. And I would have expected a little more patriotism out of a former U.S. Army soldier like Elvis.


“Jesus help us all.”

LOL! hehe


I’m generally a rock/pop person, but I’ll definitely take Willie, Nelson, the Dixie Chicks, or Steve Earle over the Nuge any day.


Well, it used to be that all classic rock happened in the 70s, but now classic rock stations play U2 and Nirvana, so in another decade, they’ll incorporate… I guess Coldplay?


Or maybe his musical taste changed when he started running for office? I bet that had something to do with it… because he was trying to appeal to a stereotype of a particular demographic?


Know one thing I admired about McCain? He was man enough to admit that his favorite group was ABBA.

My music tastes changed on 9/11.

I’m thinking brain tumor. That might also explain the atypical eyebrow posture.


Didn’t he also make a NIN joke at some point…

How can you NOT love ABBA… it’s ABBA!!!


Everyone loves ABBA, but most people won’t admit to it on CNN. They’re kind of like masturbation that way.


Cui bono?


Hey, coldplay are awesome


What about ABBA Gabba?


Meh, not a fan, but if you like them, that’s cool.