Possibly mistaking him for Steve Jobs, Lenovo names Ashton Kutcher new Product Engineer


It makes a lot of sense that this announcement is in the WSJ, where Suzanne Somers serves as medical expert. Why not have Kutcher as an engineer?


Yikes! That would mean that they had first mistaken Steve Jobs for an engineer!


Remember when Sanyo hired Joey Lawrence?

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I managed about three paragraphs before my sanity filters kicked in an shut down the visual feed to my brain.


“Ashton Kutcher’s authentic, creative appetite for technology and keen consumer insight combined with our innovation engine make this a very natural and powerful partnership,” said David Roman, chief marketing officer, Lenovo.

“The words I say are worth listening to, and totally affect things,” he added before disappearing into his own anus.

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Are you sure that wasn’t Sanrio?

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Dude, where’s my laptop?






“Celebrities…is there anything they don’t know?” - Homer J. Simpson


Then again, Alicia Keys managed to really turn things around at Blackberry.


Xeni, I think you’ve unknowingly perpetuated an assumption here, which others have eagerly joined in with.

A few years ago when the telephony company, Ooma was a new startup, Ashton Kutcher was a Creative Director. A longtime colleague of mine was consulting to Ooma at the time and said that Kutcher was absolutely whip smart and incredibly tech savvy.

This was coming from someone I’ve worked closely with on many tech product projects over the past fifteen years, so when he said that, he wasn’t making it up.

I think you and the other respondents here are working with some very faulty data. It reminds me a bit of how Hedy Lamar wasn’t taken seriously, though she had some serious technical and innovative chops.

Seriously Xeni, this might be a great opportunity. Maybe you could find a way to meet with Ashton Kutcher personally, find out about his tech history, and see if what my colleague told me isn’t actually true. I think it might be a super fun meeting!


The funniest part was some flack pointing out that Kutcher is a biochemical engineering dropout.

So he’s qualified!

I didn’t get as fr as the content of the press release. My negative response was to the wording. I’m not entirely certain who Ashton Kutcher is; though I know who Hedy Lamar was…

I think there is a bit of a gulf between creative direction and product engineering.

Actually, you have no idea whatsoever of what his capabilities or role were. But thanks for playing!

I never pretended to know anything about Kutcher. I’ve never met him. But I do know enough to understand that creative direction and product engineering aren’t exactly the same discipline.

There’s no shortage of qualified and experienced product engineers. While Kutcher may have the right stuff, this is clearly just a publicity move.

You’re concentrating on titles alone, instead of what counts - actual individuals performing actual, unique, and individual roles and performances on development teams. It may surprise you to know how many excellent ‘engineers’ in the Silicon Valley are largely self-taught and how little titles here actually mean when the rubber actually meets the road.

Not to mention you seem to have completely missed the entire point of my post about this thread, which is actually deeply ignorant bigotry disguised as snark.

I defiantly see the snark up there. Not so much the bigotry. I think bigotry is more something applied towards groups. With individuals, I think it’s more contempt, hatred, jealousy… that sort of thing.

I get your point. Kutcher may be more than most people think of him. Yet, Richard E. Buchanan (now deceased) replaced Ashton Kutcher at Ooma for a reason you know? He may have been ‘whip smart’ but Ooma also saw a real need to replace him… they wanted to make a profit and having a celebrity on the payroll wasn’t benefiting them enough to justify the expense.

Sometimes a what appears to be a rock really is a rock.