Poster for new Tomb Raider movie is the photoshop neckmare of 2017

Are you sure you’re seeing what you think you’re seeing? Lady has a lot of neck, is all I’m saying.


It’s like a Photoshop conspiracy!! EVERY picture of her has been shopped…
Apparently they should’ve made her neck look LESS authentic.


Looks realistic to me.

  1. I never would have noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out
  2. Tomb Raider is supposed to be absurd. That’s the whole point.

Its so brave of the studio to give such an opportunity to an atypical actor



I can’t tell if this is a Tomb Raider reference I’ve missed, or a Sir Mix-a-Lot reference that I know…


they’ve totally ballsed up her look though, should be more like this:


It’s probably the special camera filter they use to make Tom Cruise appear normal height/tall compared to everyone else.


Well, it is well known that He wears lifts for that exact purpose.

I was more pointing out that I feel like Blunt in that flick is the perfect RL Lara Croft.


If she kept the same kind of acting style for Lara she would play it well. When Cruise is paired along with a strong co-star I think he really shines. I just remember this movie getting a lukewarm reception, which is a shame because it’s really good - and it was not just a remake/rehash of something old.


I’d still like to see the movie but i’ve avoided watching Tom Cruise movies. I just can’t bring myself to support someone who is that deep into Scientology.


so… I guess she’s really 4 feet nine inches from head to the feet I guess

I mean, it is based on a light novel.


Exactly…unlike rebooting Tomb Raider. And we are rebooting a movie based on a game from 96, have there not been sufficient games produced since then to garner new spin off movies/sequels?

If we are digging into the grab bag of games to make a movie out of why not Half-Life. I’d pay good money to see Dr. Gordon Freeman beat the shit out of things with a crowbar.


Well they have been plundering Japan more and more lately. Ghost in the Shell came out, and there is a Battle Angel Alita movie in the works. I think Battle Angel Alita will turn out better given the visual driven setting and horrific body horror cyberpunk that goes on with colorful characters.

I agree that Tomb Raider will probably be bland, but given that the games have had a dramatic reboot it is at least reasonable to reboot the movies based on the new games.


The back half of her neck is in shadow, making it look thinner and longer. That’s all.

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Ah, no Photoshop used, then. So she’s naturally bizarrely attenuated with a right ear that skews backwards at an unnatural angle and shoulders that bulge out oddly. Perfect casting choice!

If this is indeed how her neck actually looks, then perhaps it should have been artificially shortened or altered to make it less bizarre. I’m seeing posts and articles all over the place mocking this goofy photo; you’d think someone in marketing would say “um hey, what’s up with her wacky neck?”

They’ve also repeatedly have tried to get a live action Akira movie going. There’s also the disaster that the American take of Death Note was. And if i recall correctly there’s plans for a live action Cowboy Beebop movie.

I think basing movies or series off Japanese works can be done, the problem is that studios completely miss what makes the source material relevant or interesting. Also much of what makes anime interesting is that usually its very specific to Japanese culture and ways of thinking, and translating it in an American or Western setting makes it lose something in the process. In my opinion it’d be best to use the source for inspiration for a new story that shares a lot of elements rather than try to do a straight up adaptation because it will likely disappoint fans and confuse casual viewers.

mocked for photoshopping

“Oh, it’s not 'shopped?”

mocked for not photoshopping

And as it dawns on us that it’s not a photoshop fail, thread turns into body shaming. Good job, internet.

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