Power outage shuts down San Francisco freeway. Roving mariachi band appears


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Much better than a roving undead Mariachi band…


Calaveras, right? I’d be fine with that.


Or maybe Cadaveras…?


yep, this is another reason why California is awesome!
(and haters: you are what you hate)


No, I agree! This kind of stuff never, never, never happens anywhere else in the world.

Edited to add: More reasons to fuckin’ love California!

/ So does this make me a Californian?


…Why does a power outage cause a complete traffic stoppage? I can certainly see things slowing down a lot, but gridlock? Why?


Wow, talk about a combination of non-sequitur and misleading data. News flash: some states have more residents than others. California has one of the largest overall numbers of mass shootings because it has a higher population than any other state.

If you made a map showing “number of people doing awesome things for each other” California would top that list as well.


Lucky thing Donald Trump wasn’t there.


It was more than just a power outage. A big rig hit a power pole and brought down power lines across the freeway Friday night. The freeway is expected to be closed most of Saturday.


Seems pretty correlated.

It looks like we need a graph with mass-shootings per capita.


The current one is as accurate as decapitations per capita.


I dislike california purely because of how expensive it is.


not a graph but enlightening none the less


Dude. This is a thread about a SF freeway being shut down. Go bash Americans somewhere else.


I am guilty of egregious non sequiturs, but where did this come from?

Shohld i start ranting about trebuchets here as well?


That’s a matter of ongoing debate.


Highway traffic in San Antonio shut down once, and people inexplicably showed up selling tacos and cold bottled water. Pretty damn good in my book.


That is awesome. I have been in many a highway gridlock or shutdown in California, and that has never happened. However…

One time during gridlock coming back from Mexico a street merchant approached us. I’m sure that part is common, but what was uncommon were the amazing spiced dried mangoes he sold us. The memory of them still makes my mouth water.


Whoa, man, the good shit always costs more…