Prankster infiltrates MAGA march, claims Black Lives Matter wants to ban Oreo cookies

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How long before “BLM cancel Oreos” reaches Fox News?


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In the video below, Masterson approaches a man wearing a red cap and holding a sign that reads, “THE ONLY TIME BLACK LIVES MATTER IS WHEN THEY ARE SHOT BY A WHITE POLICEMAN OR AN OREO COOKIE DEFEND ALL POLICEMEN!!!”

Wait, an actual MAGA was holding that sign and it wasn’t made up by the prankster? Is that supposed to make sense to anybody? Aside from the Oreo nonsense, it’s self-contradictory. Black Lives Matter when they’re shot by police, but defend police, because they don’t matter even though I just said they do?


I really thought that was going to be the fake sign that he made.


Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if MAGA marchers were the ones who wanted to ban Oreros.

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I mean, we’re just one weird Ben Shapiro tweet away from a culture war over miscegenation cookies indoctrinating children. These weirdos see ghosts everywhere.


“An oreo cookie” probably means a black cop who acts white.


They don’t like it when people make them look foolish, they like to do that all on their own.

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That doesn’t clear up much. Seems like people marching for unions or BLM or women’s rights put in a lot of thought to come up with signs that are clever, memorable or moving. The MAGA crowd evidently go into some sort of fugue state and wake up carrying signs full of impenetrable gibberish.


They have their own little code and set of dogwhistles and words that make sense to them.


The thing conservatives fear the most


Ok, now I’m angry and I want a Black & White cookie. And I don’t have any.


Or an oreo cookie???!?



The entire conservative agenda consists of “owning the libs” and then siphoning money to the weathy on the DL.

The liberals/left/dems are a hot mess, but are appealing because they are at least trying to govern and solve problems and aren’t overtly pro-facism. Tying to “own the conservatives” is lame and contrary to progress. This guy isn’t funny or clever. Not sure why BB is promoting it.

Contradicitng myself, I do find Jordan Kleppner funny because he tries to get Trumpers to explain their logic, which is usually pretty funny. Watching someone obliviously explain something that doesn’t make any sense, or better yet having a moment of cognitive dissonance where they realize they don’t make sense is gold. Shouting someone down and mocking them is just mean.

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I’m agree with you, and I don’t think you’re contradicting yourself at all. Klepper generally mocks them in response, after giving them an opportunity to explain themselves in whatever terms they choose to use. This guy is running in like a buffoonish caricature so extreme that they won’t even engage with him. It’s not even a potential “This is what you look like” sort of thing. It’s not remotely clever or useful.


You misspelled “right out in the open for everyone to see…”

I don’t think he’s a politician.

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