Pre-bent iPhone 6 Plus case




Kind of reminds me of my HTC One V.


Hipsters ruin everything.


Except hipsterism?

Hmm, what is the set of all sets that does not include itself?


Yay, now that the old bent iPhone thread is closed, we have a new one to argue in!



Dude, I was already done with set theory before it was proved it contained a proof of its own incompleteness.


Hmmm… what about if it is bent the other way?

Is that a separate product line?


Computer-Aided of Bending Progressive Die Design Using Fuzzy Set Theory - Springer
I’m assuming that this paper will allow one to optimally design a bent iPhone case based on models of progressive bend angles as time passes.



What if it’s just Peyronie’s, give a phone a break. Maybe you’ll like it that way.


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