President Bannon welcomed to higher level of hell


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Getting him into the 9th circle is going to be tricky, especially if he doesn’t like the cold. and gets himself a clever advocate. Bannon, like the rest of his ilk, sees “public service” more as an opportunity for private enrichment and empowerment instead of, y’know, serving the public. Given that, and since the public would be the benefactors of a normal public servant in Dante’s formulation, it’s open to debate whether Bannon is actually betraying them.


I think that in order to qualify for #9, he’d have to stage a coup and take the Presidency for himself.

If he assassinates Trump as part of the coup, he may manage a spot with the Big Three at Satan’s feet.


Yes, that would be more in line with the (literal) cut-throat politics of Renaissance Italy that Dante was familiar with and that Bannon would prefer be the norm in America.




  1. Loyalty within Trump’s circle is more important than loyalty to country. Conway emphasized that Trump had continued to support Flynn because “the president is very loyal.” This puzzled NBC’s Matt Lauer. He pointed out that Flynn had misled Pence and that Pence, in turn, had misled the country. Lauer reminded Conway that despite this, “You said late yesterday afternoon that the president had full confidence in Gen. Flynn. How could that be true?” Conway brushed aside this appeal to Trump’s duty to the public, focusing instead on Trump’s duty to Flynn. “The president’s very loyal,” she repeated.


I thought Alt Jesus was more like Wilco or Ryan Adams…




No no no, assassination would put Pence in the driver’s seat. Trump is going to survive a debilitating stroke, after which only Bannon will be able to understand and speak for him.


Pence will die first, of course (of “mysterious circumstances”), and Bannon will be appointed VP.


Yeah, we’ve had this discussion before somewhere…



Freaky as hell how a mouth turned upside down looks. Shame they cut that out of the theatrical release. Played by bruce spence as well no less.

Actually was it turned upside down or just enlarged? I forget now. It’s in the making of documentary on the extended edition DVDs.


A Hellhound!


GOOD doggy! NICE doggy!


Maybe he’ll have to go over and stand next to the French.


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