President Biden's wit is quick enough to rip on Peter Doocy

Bunny for President!

Biden is boring. I love him for that, especially after his predecessor. And he’s been far more progressive and effective than I dared imagine.

My grandmother was sharp as a tack for 101 years, until the flu and pneumonia took her in a mercifully quick 1 week illness. She was still dancing and refinishing furniture until the end.

Biden still bikes. He overcame a speech impediment and became a successful career politician. That impediment sometimes results in him speaking slower and a touch less fluently than someone without. He is smart and savvy and a happy warrior. He has risen to the occasion, and quite frankly I am giddy at what he could accomplish in a second term.

As you said, he’s pushed the needle leftward. Let’s not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.



Presidential edition!


Also contributing is student loans are not discharged in bankruptcy. So predatory lenders face no consequences from poor underwriting practices like any other lender. Much like how predatory, easy to obtain, mortgages caused housing price inflation. Easy student loan money inflated tuition.


Beau lays it out.


True, but that is a secondary effect. The whole origin of land-grant colleges was to create a higher education and research university infrastructure with nominal tuition, accessible to anyone. (Although, at the time, “anyone” meant “white men”) It only started deviating from that when SCOTUS forced integration and the racists defunded public universities so that White students could either go to private colleges or to price public higher education out of reach for most POC.


That linked ranking is based on one of the most ridiculous rubrics I’ve ever seen.
“Luck” is one of the categories, and it gets as much weight as “leadership ability” which is also undefined. I wouldn’t put any stock in that as a valid ranking in any way.


You think perhaps Trump deserves a higher ranking than 43rd? I dunno, but possibly. He was a pretty bad president, tho.

Please don’t put words in my mouth.
I think the ranking tool is ridiculous. Period.
It’s irrelevant if it ended up ranking some former presidents where I think or don’t think they belong. As someone who works with rubrics and surveys, I consider the tool your linked article is based on completely laughable.


A nice follow up would have been to ask Doocy when he is scheduled to go to Moscow to “interview” Putin.


Biden might be tempted to not run if he finally just gets tired of this sort of nonsense people like Doocy, the rest of the MAGA bunch, and unfortunately, much of the media wants to waste everyone’s time doing. If the President asked me, and he hasn’t yet, I would recommend easing Kamala down with promises of absolutely being on the Federal Bench, and maybe being on the Court, but put Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) in the VP slot, with clear hints given that if they keep it up, Biden would step down and then they would have Kelly with which to contend. Kelly: Gulf War Pilot and Astronaut Hero, Devoted Family Man, Tolerant and Kindly Gentleman. No, none, zero, nein, nada, zip, scandals for them to use against him. Imagine their frustration!

And y’all know Kelly’s wife was shot, almost killed, by a nutjob who should not have been able to buy a weapon, right? This isn’t like Sen. Kelly thinks it’s a good “policy” to be for stricter gun control. He’s the NRA’s worst nightmare. I like Kamala, but she doesn’t scare them enough. Biden should find a VP for his second term that would make them glad every day he didn’t take his ball and go home.

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Nonsense. The best part of the job is slapping around idjits like Doocy. So much more rewarding than trying to get Bibi to stop destroying Gaza or dealing with Congress.

Kelly might make a nice addition to the administration in an appointment- but who wants to lose a Senator now? Especially in Arizona?

Incorrect strategy.


Right? Does anyone think that Doocy is really getting one over on the old man? To the point that Biden would want to quit? Seems to me that a kindergartener could handle that guy…


To think this about a politician who has dedicated his entire life to public service is just so off the wall, I can’t tell if you’re serious. Of all the things Biden has faced in his career, you think Doocy would be the thing to push him over the edge and have him think, “you know what, it’s just not worth it anymore?”


OK,OK, Y’all got me! I confess, this isn’t about Biden and Doocy. This is about putting our AZ Senator Kelly into people’s minds as “presidential timber” and so y’all will be reminded that he IS the NRA’s worst nightmare. Who knows the future? I just think his name should be ‘out there”. Kelly: Gulf War Pilot and Astronaut Hero, Devoted Family Man, Tolerant and Kindly Gentleman. Thanks, all! Disclaimer: He’s just my Senator, no relation, family, business, political, or otherwise.


Kelly would probably make for a good presidential candidate and president, in some future election! He’s capable, competent, obviously dedicated to public service, and the idea of putting an astronaut in the White House is awesome.

That said, unless Biden has a serious acute health crisis that kills him or genuinely renders him unable to run or to handle the POTUS job, he is going to run. Any suggestions to the contrary are just silly.


Eh, I’d categorize them as more “reasonable and arguably good strategically, but unrealistic” than silly. But milage may vary.

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I’m pretty sure that’s Letitia James right now, not Mark Kelly…


Someone has suggested that the NRA is more scared of Letitia James than Mark Kelly. Maybe the NRA folks have nightmares about each on alternate nights. I dunno.

What’s scaring them? A summary: On January 5, 2024, NY A.G. James got a huge settlement of $100,00 right before the trial where she was about to bring a case alleging “financial corruption” by “senior leaders” of the NRA. These allegations resulted in the resignation of NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and Executive Director Joshua Powell.

This settlement is just the opening act. The trial of the NRA is still to come. This has to have had a ripple effect over in the U.S. Legislature. Can anyone be seen being too cozy with the NRA? Maybe not until this all blows over.

But, right now Senator Mark Kelly is a co-sponsor of S. 3369, the GOSAFE Act (Gas-Operated Semi-Automatic Firearms Exclusion (GOSAFE) Act) introduced in the Senate last December and working its way through committee. Among other things, the bill limits the amount of ammunition that can be added onto a weapon via external magazines.

“The Uvalde mass shooting suspect bought more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition before opening fire and killing 22 people at Robb Elementary School, a law enforcement official said during a news conference on Friday. A U.S. soldier would take 210 rounds into combat.”

Provisions of this bill would have made it harder for the Uvalde shooter to go into the school armed as he was with more ammunition than a US soldier carries into battle. Naturally the NRA isn’t going to want legislation preventing gun manufacturers from selling as much ammo as a kid can put on his debit card. So, I’m saying they’re scared this legislation might get passed. And it might.

I don’t know what people in NY would like to see in Ms. James’ future. I’m interested in seeing our AZ Sen. Kelly being put into a position to run for President in 2028, or so. Ms. Harris? My crystal ball shows her in judge’s robes, but I can’t make out where…

We now know that about 25-30% of voters in this country want some guy (yes guy, eyeroll) they can hero-worship. The Republicans are offering them a lout. (They have back-up louts, too, in case the #1 Lout can’t fulfill his loutish duties licking Russian boots.) Why not offer them a real American hero? It could work. Sure, in AZ there would have to be some excellent young people stepping up to fill his spot, and in the down-ticket as well, and it could be hard to coax the right ones, but you’d think after The Insurrection, the Cyber Ninjas, and Kari Lake stinking up the place, there might be some good young people that emerge. I‘m a retired teacher. I don’t think patriotism is something that used to be…the vaunted “3%” we hear that is only for Colonists back in the 1770s and right wing extremists? No. My sons and all their friends and all their children love this country. They got this.

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Kelly for VP is an appealing idea in some ways. But I just can’t see Biden betraying Harris, nor giving in to the “You’re too old!” whiners. :person_shrugging: