President Biden's wit is quick enough to rip on Peter Doocy

I’m sorry, I certainly appreciate his efforts here, but how the fuck will ANY bill for gun control get through the house? Even if Kelly were president right now, he’d still have to work with a congress that refuses to do anything like bi-partisan work.

And to ensure that doesn’t happen, they’ve bought off a political party…


Replacing a VP is usually something that’s only done in the wake of a major scandal, so if Biden bailed on Harris it wouldn’t merely be a major betrayal of a loyal ally but would also fuel nutball conspiracy theories of corruption within the administration. “This is PROOF that there’s something scandalous going on behind the scenes! If she isn’t a crook then why would he fire her?”


For those people who think it would be a great betrayal for Biden to put Kamala Harris in as a Federal Judge, and maybe on the Supreme Court, if he could, may I remind you of what John Nance Garner III, the 32nd Vice President of the United States (under FDR) had to say about being a Vice President:

He famously described the vice presidency as being “not worth a bucket of warm piss” (for many years, this quote was softened to "not worth a bucket of warm spit” but you get the idea.),)

I think Ms. Harris would do really well in her element, which is in the Judicial System.

Given the chance, she might do as well as some of the judges who are shutting down the Former Evil Empire. Judge Amit Mehta and Judge Beryl A. Howell are my favorites. Of course, I also like Judge Engoron.

Does anyone remember anything she has done as VP?

I didn’t think so.

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Does anyone remember anything she’s done that would justify replacing her?

Staying out of the headlines is the norm for a VP. Meanwhile she’s doing her job, and has cast the tie-breaking vote in the senate no fewer than 33 times.


Anyone remember anything anyone did as VP, other than silly shit or gaffs? No. Because the nature of the VP is to be a representative of the administration and help carry out their policies, not to outshine the president…

No, because she’s done her job.

Exactly. If people actually dig deeper, they’ll see she’s been all over the world, doing the work of the administration that Biden sets. She’s doing fine, probably far more than Pence, in fact.

but once again, Black women are being held to a higher standard than everyone else.


From where I am sitting (Swedish citizen in Sweden) Biden seems like a rather good president.

The inflation reduction act has done a lot for the transition to a less fossil based and climate harming economy. It has also led to a revival of industrial policy in the democratic countries.

He has supported Ukraine in their struggle against facist-ruled Russia. He hasn’t started any wars.

He supports the unions, a support that can mean something for workers globally. International solidarity and all that.

His administration has started to revive the anti-trust legislation in the US. Which is very good for the world. Remember: Linda Khan scares the oligarchs.

And so on and so forth.


In a normal administration, you aren’t supposed to remember the VP.


I remember Spiro Agnew and his shenanigans (suspicion of criminal conspiracy, bribery, extortion, and tax fraud). Yes kids, he resigned because of this.


Well TBF, I do remember Darth Chaney lording it over Preznit Shrub, in order to funnel megamillions to his war-profits corporation. Not exactly silly shit.


Agreed, but I think that was a pretty big deviation from the norm (at least in the modern era)? I can’t think of another modern VP having that much obvious and public input into the direction of another administration, really. They might have behind the scenes, but not in public like Cheney. Probably the exception that proves the rule…

So, the expectations that Harris should be out and vocal seems very much holding her to a very different standard of the string of white dudes that went before her…

And I guess people remember when they do dumb shit? Remember potatoe-gate! Or pearl clutching over Murphy Brown by Quail (Quayle??)? Now do we remember anything else he actually did?

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When Biden himself was Obama’s VP he was mostly visible when he was quoted saying something off the cuff. He would comment on things that Obama couldn’t say anything about without riling up the racists and take the brunt of the pushback by being “crazy uncle Joe”. I’m sure if Harris was a problem in any way she would by now know it was time for the “working on further opportunities” speech. If she isn’t, keeping a woman of color in the office instead of replacing her with another white guy is the right thing to do, and there is ample evidence that she is doing the job well.


Bush the Elder chaired the special task forces on deregulation and on international drug smuggling while he was VP. Low key, but impactful.
Highest achievement as VP: claiming successful that he was “out of the loop” regarding the whole Iran-Contra thing. But hey, if a former head of the CIA can’t deny something plausible, who can?


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