President Person-Woman-Man-Camera-TV still touting his perfect cognitive test

Imagine being in the glassy-eyed crowd, nodding your head to every witless thing he said.
twilight zone-clapping-for billy-mumy


Methinks he doth protest too much

Sarah Cooper dropping the mug was chefs kiss


I begin to suspect he is going on and on about it because he didn’t think he would pass it.

Even the biggest ego must have some little gnawing bits of self doubt.

But yeah, I’d pay money to watch him take the Citizenship test live in real time and on his own.

Or the SAT.


Hell, get Jeff Foxworthy to do a special episode of “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader” and watch Trump fail a 1st grade question.

To increase the likelihood of Trump accepting, maybe have someone challenge him to compete? President Obama, President Biden, or First Lady Clinton would be obvious challengers. But maybe since Trump was overly proud of his role on The Apprentice, have another famous reality TV show host challenge Trump for the ‘official’ title of “Best Reality Show Host”.

Phil Keoghan (The Amazing Race) could be a specially effective challenger by pointing out that Race beat The Apprentice for the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Competition Program both times The Apprentice was nominated.

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So, in this joint I am using, and have been this long while, this guy @westcarleton, who goes by the name of Ray is saying, his sister is taking the same test that the crazy President 45 took, and naturally, this gets the folks into the idea of betting. Now, Ray says his sister is not in the best of health, which is sad, all the right-thinking folks who frequent this joint are agreeing. Then @lumbercartel, who calls himself ‘DC’ is wondering what the book on this situation embarrassing said 45 might be, and there is much shaking of heads and sitting back examining the fine teacups this particular blind pig serves its drinks in, and a general agreement that this is not the kind of thing folks will rush to put six will get you four on, as the lightening of wallets this will cause is likely to provide shenanigans, and not the kind people are liking…
(with apologies to St. Damon of Runyon)

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I’m listening to this, and looking st this .GIF Right Now, and it’s a splendid match:

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This wasn’t a rigorous test.

My sister is a neurologist, she conducts these kinds of tests all the time. Getting even one question wrong is a serious warning sign that someone may be suffering serious mental decline.

My grandfather aced one of these tests after he was already clearly showing signs of senile dementia. The hardest question on the test was “count backwards from 100 by 7s” (with no time limit). He did that part so fast the doctor administering the test had to ask him to slow down—as an engineer, his math skills stayed sharp even after many of his other faculties began to slip.


Yeah but he can’t tell the difference between 10 minutes and 25 minutes.

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