Press this bizarre kitty lamp's gold balls to switch it on


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Don’t ask how it gets turned off.


Peak Toxoplasmosis


Please tell me that’s a USB port.


It couldn’t be on BoingBoing without at least a USB port. I expect it to be 3d printed as well. And how many Arduinos could you fit in that guy?



Aha! NOW I know what to buy my buddy for Xmas xD!


I assume that’s the power plug in its ass? Pure class (and you know that’s the case because the balls are gold).


That’s really gilding the kitty!


My eyes would glow too…



What if I want a female kitty lamp? If they’re making them in both white and black versions, they should make them in both boy and girl kitty versions.



…Other text because ‘nah’ is apparently too short.


The girl kitty version would have to have the micro USB port aligned vertically, & make the plate it’s set in, rose gold


I think it’s battery powered? And maybe recharged through ass-usb? as-sb? Ass-ess-bee? USBass? Ewe-Ess-Base? Ewe-Ess-Bass?

I think I’ll stop now …

Wait: I’m certain the sex toy industry will have a solution - and the correct nomenclature - for this! Somebody ask Erika Moen?


For that much it had better lick mine!



U-ass-B, no doubt.


Is it brought to us by the same people who invented the Twinkle Tush?


Long walks on the beach?