Preteens robbers throw dummy through window


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huh? because Resusci Annie dolls are easier to find than cinder blocks?


The must have confused him with the Crash Test Dummies.


10? TEN? Christ my kid is 10. I couldn’t imagine my kid doing that…


Was the TEAGOP ie. dummy person harmed?


Man, the bar for supervillains sure has fallen.



Q: What do you call a person with no arms and no legs who gets left behind at the scene of a robbery?
A: Patsy.



Those CPR dummies cost a fortune. Could’ve made more by selling it.


“If you ever fall off the Sears Tower,
just go real limp, because maybe
you’ll look like a dummy and people
will try to catch you because, hey, free dummy.”


The street finds its own use for things…


Came looking for this, leaving satisfied.


You can’t leave a cinderblock to take the fall for you.


I could imagine me and my best friend at the time doing that when we were ten. But he was a psychopath, so he liked generally participating in all manner of anarchy, as long as there was money to be had.


Sell it? That thing was pinched for sure – even preteens know about the Dummy’s Curse…


Oh. the dirty capitalist sort of anarchy. No fun. :wink:


Capitalism is far too organized for him to participate.


I was speaking more towards motivation.


If $$$ was involved, it’s not real anarchy!