Prime minister Boris Johnson told to "fall on sword" as seven more ministers quit his govermnent

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Asking de Pfeffel to engage in any sort of self-sacrifice is one of the most pointless wastes of time anyone could imagine. I can’t picture him giving up the last biscuit on the tray to a young child, let alone this.


Prat + Fall = Pratfall.


Good one.



He’s using the same playbook as Trump: if you don’t care about your reputation and have no scruples, then scandals are meaningless. In that case the only way to get him out is to vote him out.


The key question is whether the current Tory Party is actually the problem, rather than Johnson himself. Like Trump, he may be the natural outcome of a long process of hollowing out, meaning that what are called “moderate” Tories (meaning ones that still support low taxes and oppose public services but draw the line at overt authoritarianism) are no longer MPs, and the membership is almost entirely 60-year old white men (with some 20-something white men too, admittedly.)
Getting rid of Johnson is merely going to result in what might be called the DeSantis problem - that we might get a competent sociopath in charge instead, who would have an 80-seat majority and the bonus excuse that clearly Johnson’s high-spending approach didn’t work so we should slash everything in sight immediately.


Sadly, this is not everyone coming to their collective senses. This is just some of the Posh Boys Club objecting to one of their number having all the fun. They could and would do the same, and much more. None of us count: if you haven’t got a million you might donate to party funds, you are an unproductive animal that should be put down.

I get a fleeting smile from that bag of shit bursting under collective pressure, but they all have to go before things change.


Only two Cabinet ministers (Sunak and Javid), but eight junior ministers (as well as a bunch of parliamentary private secretaries, parliamentary aides, trade envoys, etc.), according to the Guardian as of 2022-07-05 14:58 UTC+1.

If seven Cabinet ministers had quit, Boris would be gone already.


Several of the moderate Tory anti-Johnson, anti-Brexit ex-MPs are also oldish white men. It is a shame in a way because there’s some genuine leadership material and governing capability there even if they are still all effing Tories.

He culled a lot of them a while back

Rory Stewart
David Gauke
Ken Clarke
Dominic Grieve
and so on (about a dozen or more names I believe)

@beschizza I cannot find a story saying Gove has resigned, just that he told Johnson that HE must resign.

Here’s a link to the Guardian liveblog, updating as we speak…

BBC TV News at six says 36 ministers or junior ministers have resigned in total, but no more cabinet names were announced (Gove is in the cabinet).


Yeah, but he gets to decide when the election is held, and the UK has that absurd first-past-the-post system which makes no fucking sense whatsoever…


Considering how many times he’s been caught lying in the past, how likely does it seem that this is all about the fact that he protected a non-heterosexual groper specifically? On a scale from 95% to 100%.


The tory party has always been the problem.


There’s a strong possibility that this won’t be the case for much longer though, given the evidence from the last few byelections. We came that close to figuring it out in 2010 but the LibDems blinked first (which is fair enough because it was a novel position for them and they didn’t understand how much power they had) and they aren’t going to make that mistake again. Meanwhile Labour are being bounced into reform by their members and now by the unions. The SNP quite like fptp but even they can see where things are going and at the moment they wouldn’t lose out that much (in that they would just win maybe 80% of the Scottish seats instead of 95% of them…) although they are also in a bind because it’s very unclear if they actually want an Independence referendum or whether that’s just a marketing tool for them! And if they wanted to be part of a reform administration, they’d have to deal with that.

Then again, a bigger question is whether or not the catastrophic mess that the country is in (thanks to global economic issues compounded by Brexit and compounded again by Tory intransigence) will take up too much time for something that seems as irrelevant as constitutional reform to be given proper attention.



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5 hours since you posted but this was the version that was up recently:

Michael Gove sacked after he urges PM to resign


At the time Rob posted a claim that Gove had resigned, he had not. There was no basis for that claim.

Several hours later, Gove was sacked. It’s discussed here:


About 500%.

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