Prince meets The Muppets (1997)


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I so wanted to be there.


maybe this is a query better suited for but what the hell does “she had a pocket full of horses” mean in Little red corvette


Horse power?


Muppets Tonight was a good show. Definitely miss it. And the original, of course.

I remember how weird the Coolio episode was, with the Muppets all singing, “One two three four, get your woman on the floor”…


aaand i wish i hadn’t searched that now


Trojans, as in condoms.


i need a chaser on that one :frowning:


Are you trying to imply that you were unaware of this particular brand of condoms or of the concept of condoms in general and therefore befuddled/disturbed right now?


I mean… it is Prince… what did you expect exactly? Sunday school? That’s only later Prince, not 80s Prince.


Resurrected from the Hee Haw thread. :grinning:


no, its mostly the “used” part that disturbs me


This was more entertaining than expected. A better hit to miss ratio than ‘Emancipation’.


so, today I learned that there was a Muppet show on the Disney channel when I was in college. We had basic cable a few times when we moved into an apartment that hadn’t had the service cancelled, but never Disney. Not that I was watching much tv then, anyway.

I liked the video for Starfish and Coffee, a great tune.


the next line Trojans and some of them used should clarify.


i mean its clear but its still super gross to me… how do you get two uses out of one


That canned laughter. I weep!


I don’t think there was any mention of reuse.


Christmas tree decorations?