Princess Pricklepants, Startup Founder Extraordinaire


While I feel weird posting my own things here, I think we can all learn something from hedgehog startup founders, and this helps explain a lot about who this @nemomeno mutant is.


Sadly, your little parody précis is more thought out that many of the actual executive summaries I’ve seen presented for new startups.

Princess is definitely a front-runner for the GOP nom.


I have been working on plans for her presidential run. The ideas are easy, but the props for photos are tricky.
Startups have so many bad ideas, but many are more sad than funny.


Well, she’s business friendly and she has better hair than Trump. Looks like a winner to me!


I can say with absolute confidence that my hedgehog would be a better POTUS than Trump.


She definitely has the spine(s) to stand up to her opponents.


jesus tapdancing christ, i am so amused with princess pricklepants. she has my vote, and bernie can be her Veep.


She’ll stick it to them. Also she’d give free acupuncture for cabinet members, the Congress, and the SCOTUS.


To be fair, that’s not a high bar! :wink:


These are all awesome.


And you should feel weird posting these things, since you apparently created them months ago, and didn’t feel we were worth sharing them with.



Thanks. Any form of anything that feels like some sort of self-promotion gives me a very horrible feeling deep in my gut/soul. I’m also the worst salesperson ever.


Sharing what you love is not the same as selling something you don’t love. Don’t ever let the marketers or advertisers tell you otherwise.

Thanks for sharing!


Way to sell it, 'ruly!


You must know some of the same VCs I do:


Yep, they had to be dinosaurs for so many reasons.


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