Trump fires Parscale

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Haw-haw. Little Trumpina suggests Brad try something new.


This has been a foregone conclusion for a while now but I like to think the delay added at least a little bit of misery to Parscale’s pathetic existence, like how Mustafa writhed in pain at the bottom of the conference room killing chamber instead of being instantly incinerated after Dr. Evil hit the button.


The city of Tulsa has experienced a recent surge in coronavirus cases following President Donald Trump’s rally there on June 20, at which Stitt was present without a facial covering. On Wednesday, the governor downplayed the possibility that he contracted the virus at the event.

He says that he probably didn’t get it there. Big deal, someone else probably caught it there and it bounced around close to him before landing.


Hires only the best people, fires only the worst people. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


You have to feel a little bit of empathy for Parscale; he was given the job of gold-plating a turd, and turds don’t offer a good substrate for the plating process. Ivanka would advise him to find another product to pitch–like roof gutters. Or time-shares.

Or he coudld totally reinvent himself, get a soul, and work on left-wing campaigns.


When your lemonade tastes like piss because it actually is piss, there is only so much the marketing department can do.


ETA: This was flagged as inappropriate - perhaps because I didn’t explain the metaphor? Anyway, Trump, Parscale are like starving angry rats eating each other, which is also a real world thing in Covid times as it turns out.


This isn’t going to help the unemployment numbers…


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Just on its own (instead of as a metaphor), that is a mighty grim article. :grimacing:


Works for Budweiser and Coors.


More accurately, he enthusiastically sought the job of gold-plating a turd and thoroughly debased himself in the service of a fascist narcissist sociopath who is infamous for stabbing his most loyal devotees in the back.


EH, I’ll pass on that. This was a guy who even blamed his failures on the left. He can go to wherever Trump ex employees go… the grand jury.


Nah, fuck that guy.


I find this news mildly disappointing. Sure, on the plus side, an asshole lost his job. The downside is that someone more competent might take it instead. For nihilistic GOP douchebags looking to make a name for themselves, Trump is the ultimate white whale. Because he destroys everything he touches and wipes out any organization that tries to build around him, he is always tempting for opportunist.

The line to the top with Trump is short, and it moves very fast. Every non-black guy and blonde woman that makes it to the end of that line gets a shot to tame the narcissistic beast that is Donald Trump. Everyone has a strategy when they get their shot, but most die a quick political death. A few wind up in jail. A rare few know how kiss ass with enough skill, and be sleazy enough in their morals to hold on for a while. No one is smart enough to hold on, because smarts don’t count for shit with Trump. A rare few hold on long enough to take what they want, and then get off the ride before its too late.

I don’t give the new guy long, and I wish him all the worst. May he suck as much as the last guy.


I’m reminded of this Heinlein quote:

If the horse can’t jump the hurdle, shoot the horse. Keep on doing this and eventually you will find a horse that can clear the jump – if you don’t run out of horses. This is the sort of plausible pseudologic that most people bring to political affairs. It causes one to wonder if mankind is capable of being well governed by any system of government.
–George Perrault; Friday, pg 97


It’s not going to be easy to find any competent folks who are eager to hitch their cart to that horse anymore. The competent GOP campaign strategists are mostly working for the Lincoln Project and Republican Voters Against Trump now.


I think it is a pretty fatal mistake to think that the other side only has stupid people working for it. There are a lot of smart people that are willing to throw themselves at Trump. Trump has had some very intelligent people work for him at times, and more will surely try their hand.

Granted, Trump has no filter so there are a lot of dumb people making a play too.

The thing I’m scared of most is in 2024 when someone with Trump sort of ideology but with more than two neurons to rub together makes a play for power. We almost lucked out with Trump because he is so utterly incompetent and narcissistic. Someone with his following and power when he first gain office, but armed with some brains and desires beyond their own self aggrandizement, could have been really scary.


No, he greedily sought the job knowing full well exactly how evil his führer is. He wanted to work for the Lord of the MAGAts. I don’t have to feel one iota of empathy for anyone volunteering for this regime.