Prismatic Lazy Glasses actually work, pretty much

Well, it’s not that you can see ner ankles or something.

I’m thinking of a new product: a ceiling projector that connects to your phone with bluetooth and has an ebook reader app with a “no look” scrolling screen.

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With mirrors that are flipped 180, these are kind of thing in the climbing world. Saw them in the gym before I ever knew they were also marketing for lazy reading.

There exists a reading device for people with very bad vision that projects physical book pages in giant size onto the ceiling above your bed. My stepfather had one for work (matching visually impaired people with products and services) and he loved to use it. The device even turned pages for you.


?! Is the young lady in the photo actually able to read full pages from that position, because…

Fine, I’ll post my own Lebowski quote followup…

“Oh no. He has health problems.”

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