Prismatic Lazy Glasses actually work, pretty much

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They also apparently help when you have massive mounds of flesh between you and what you are reading. It’s like a booby-periscope!


I can’t help but be reminded of that one Calvin & Hobbes strip, where Calvin demonstrates how he makes television-watching “a complete forfeiture of experience,” slinking back in his chair, not moving a muscle to the point of drooling.

(full disclosure: author supine on bed to post this message from cellphone)


As a kid, I met a guy who had lived in an iron lung since the 50s. He used prism glasses like these to interact with the world perpendicularly.


Hm are they erecting prisms?

Does he still write?

what happens if you point one up, one down (not the theatre game).

Ah we get so indignant about sexual harassment, but then…

Well for starters you start painting like Picasso

As has been previously noted, I foresee her having a bit of difficulty reading page numbers in this scenario.

ETA: Page numbers would stand a better chance in the gutter, er, center of the book, as my illustration shows the maximum obstruction at orbital apogee. She might very well be able to see to the bottom of the book in the center.


Pretty sure Rob chose this product and the promotional image to pit on the front page just to see what happens. Nevertheless, looks like a great pair of glasses.

These also exist upward-facing for rock climbing, so that the belayer (person on the ground holding the other end of the rope, keeping you from dying) doesn’t have to spend the whole time leaning their head back.

They work and some people seem to really like them (I only tried them out a bit once), but the effect is weird/distorty, and I can’t imagine actually using them to focus on text.


She probably needs the help seeing over the push-up bra.

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Retrieval for the meta-lazy.

Found via the Calvin & Hobbes Search Engine.


You’ll want this for reading at the beach as well:

I suspect that they would not work well with my glasses. Not just the mechanical problem of wearing two pair of glasses, but also aligning my lineless graduated lenses so that I was looking through the right part for the distance.

via Imgflip Meme Generator

Thank you for this. I could only find a low res version and wasn’t sure whether to present the whole thing or just the second panel. LOL and i don’t know how fragile the copyright eggshells are around here yet.

(totally bookmarking the C&H S.E. too, thanks again)

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I think stillwaves was making a comment on the ‘sex sells’ aspect of the photo, which is presumably from an advertisement for the glasses.