Pro Wrestling shows are 'essential business' in coronavirus pandemic, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis orders

Frankly it is tired and overdone, yet always appropriate when so duly deserved.
Full disclosure: I am not a mainlander, and the entire peninsula can fuck right off and sink for all I care!
Cut away, Bugs, cut away!

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They could use robots!



After being deemed essential they fired 23 employees


For further clarification

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WWE’s continued insistence on running live events is a revenue-driven decision. WWE’s current contract with NBCUniversal and Fox reportedly stipulate the promotion run live in 49 out of 52 weeks. Failure to do so could result in a breach of contract or some sort of change in the deal. As a result, WWE would not receive all of its lofty, near-$400 million per-year revenue between the two networks.

So Linda McMahon donates $18.5 million to a pro-Trump Super PAC, earmarked for TV ads in Orlando and Tampa.

Hours later, DeSantis deems WWE an “essential business.”

WWE’s potential breach averted, hundreds of millions saved.

This is basically riot looting. With law enforcement too occupied and too co-opted, who’s going to even notice this TV set being gone? Here, grab an end.



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She was a big campaign donor that bought her way into a cabinet position. Makes me wonder what more there is to say about that.


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