Professional angler Blake Dyer loses Twitter account and sponsorship after siding with Uganda's plan to murder gays

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Yet Cruz doesn’t criticize the GOP’s anti-LGBTQ legislation??


I’m just shocked he actually lost his Twitter account.


It took a clear as day death threat to do it.


Did he lose it or did he close it?


Will twitter be attacked as woke for not approving of mass murder?


I find this confusing, too, but I have a theory (based, of course, on not a whole heck of a lot). The focus of the GOP now is to isolate and torment the trans community. They need to drive a wedge between the gay community and the trans community. I think Cruz’s tweet is part of that strategy.


Who cares what fish-boy says?


Guy needs to move to Texas

White, cis, straight male strike again with their blind privilege.
He can go stuck his fishing pole up his behind and get lost.


Cruz’s daughter is reportedly bisexual, making this something that potentially affects his family. As a true conservative, this is the one situation where Ted is allowed to develop and show empathy. This is similar to the way Dick Cheney gave half-hearted support to gay marriage because of his daughter Mary.

I will admit I do feel there’s a good person somewhere in Ted Cruz. Occasionally he can wrestle enough control away from the extradimensional parasite that normally controls Ted’s body to blink for help.


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How about instead of shitting all over the literally millions of people who are not extremists there (including quite a few Mutants here), we find ways to help the push back against these fascists.

If they are able to enact their full agenda on any state in the union, we’re all fucked. They are looking at all or nothing. We abandon not one square inch to these fascists, or they’ll take the whole fucking thing.


I apologize. You’re right. This shit should be pushed back everytime. They’re needed to be beaten back to what hole they were crawling out from.


I think this is a strong theory. They know they can’t win trying to take on all of Pride. Gay and lesbian folk are way too mainstream now. However they need a demon to rally their base, and trans people are the obvious target. You see it with their heavy backing of the TERFs as well (many of whom are lesbians, which is not something non-trans folk are often aware of).

It’s been historically difficult for trans people to gain acceptance within the larger queer community. I got plenty of hate and bigotry from the GG lesbians back in the 90s and early 2000s. There’s a non-zero chance the GOP strategy to drive a wedge there could work, at least for a while.


Where’s the “This sounds right and it pisses me off, but we gotta stay focused” reaction? I need that. A sorta “thumbs up plus angry face” thingy.


How about steely eyed resignation? That’s the state most trans people I know live in. We go on living and absorbing the abuse because what other choice is there? We’re a tiny minority with historically few allies but we can’t stop existing so we go on. When the other queers don’t even like you, you tend to keep your head down and find your own way as best you can. Thankfully that’s changing allies-wise, but like many other Happy Mutant trans folk who transitioned in the ‘90s, my confidence in the queer community to have my back is not very high. Generational PTSD, I guess.


So far, Dyer’s other sponsors, which include @RangerBoats, @Shimano_Fishing, @MercuryMarine, @yamamotobait, @simmsfishing, @BillLewisLures, have remained silent on Dyer’s disgusting comment.

Of all those twitter accounts, it looks like Mercury Marine is the only one that’s active. So, at least there’s that.


Well, he had over 3.5k instagram followers, multiple sponsors, and was followed on Twitter by TP USA, so a bunch of people cared, including some well-positioned to amplify his hateful rhetoric. :woman_shrugging:t2:
Calling these people out and diminishing their platform by alerting sponsors is a good thing. It’s annoying to see it constantly be diminished as if we’re “making a big deal out of nothing” when we hold public figures accountable for promoting hateful ideologies.


I transitioned in the early 2000s, and I think it was easier then than it would be now, even without the legal protection that the TERs are now trying to remove in the UK.

I’m at the point of reading about concentration camp survival and resistance. I hope it will not be needed, but I used to hope that we wouldn’t end up where we are now. I tried warning people, and most people wouldn’t listen. They still won’t listen even as the fascism becomes obvious, and I start wondering if they would turn us in to the police if it becomes illegal for us to exist.

Be a Government Informer.
Betray Your Family & Friends.
Fabulous Prizes to be Won

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Agreed, but I have never heard of the individual and still don’t care what a relative non-entity ( in the broad, meaningful sense) has to say.

Nice you don’t have to care. LGBTQ+ people unfortunately do, because when you get hurt, it doesn’t really matter exactly how famous the person who inspired it is – just that they had enough influence with somebody to make it happen. Deplatforming these bigots, big and small, is critical to keeping people safe.

Or to put it another way, you don’t have to care what Dyer says to be happy a homophobe is losing his microphone.