Proof of the existence of stupid questions


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Lets add as many stupid questions to this thread as possible so if someone ever says theres no such thing you can point them here.


Kicking this off.

Was the ultraviolet catastrophe the eruption of a purple volcano?


Why is half a duck?


I have written this here before (a recent theme of mine) but my wife’s aunt once asked me how the paper travels through the wires when you fax something. She asked me because I “know about computers.”


Students asked so many stupid questions (stupid might be harsh) when I was an adjunct. I remember I’d give some big long passionate lecture about something (computer programming courses) with some example of sorts. After constructing an example and talking about the mechanics of it all, why/how it works, why it’s better than other solutions, etc someone would raise there hand and ask “is that an upper or lower case letter”?



“Oh, did I do that?”


There are no stupid questions. Just stupid people asking questions.


“How was I supposed to know Trump was racist?”


I think "Are Jews People?"has to be one of the dumbest fucking questions I’ve ever heard… and I’ve heard a lot of stupid shit in my day.

I beg to differ; see CNN.


There was a notoriously shallow gal who was a roommate of a friend of mine in college. People traded stories of the stuff she’d say.

At dinner on 9/11/2001 everyone was morosely discussing events, when she mused:

I wonder what the Germans think of all this?




In my experience of fax machines, ~30% of the time, it doesn’t.


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