Prosecutors got 'covert' warrants to search Michael Cohen's email, here's what we know of their findings


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anyone else think that zero emails between Trump and his personal lawyer is a bit suspicious in and of itself?




I don’t think ⊥rump has the attention span or the reading comprehension skills to get through an email consisting of more than 25 words.

There wouldn’t be much point in sending him an email.



What, you mean that maybe they were involved in some sort of deal or business that they didn’t want to have an established paper trail? It’s possible. It was a technique use by mob bosses, as long as they never had any written orders and as long as they were vague enough (“See that he’s taken care of” instead of “Kill him”) it was hard to hold them accountable for the actions done on the street level.
Although the Trump doesn’t do email seems almost as interesting, like Trump can’t hold his attention on any message more than about 140 characters.


Not necessarily true. If he’s communicating with Trump’s other lawyers or with lawyer or people who are engaging in litigation together it’s possible that Trump still has privilege. Also, privilege may exist for things Trump told Cohen even if Cohen improperly communicated them to someone else since privilege belongs to the client not to the lawyer.

e.g. You tell your lawyer something on the phone, your lawyer emails someone else saying, “Hey, guess what this idiot just told me…” You still have the right to attorney client privilege because it’s not in your attorney’s power to waive that on your behalf.

(I don’t know American law well, but solicitor-client privilege, I think, works largely the same way since it dates back to the 1600s)

But while that could possibly protect Trump from something, it’s not going to protect Cohen from anything.


John McCain reportedly didn’t use email because he was essentially computer illiterate. The Bush White House reportedly avoided using email because they didn’t want to create records of communications that could be later used against them. Hillary Clinton‘s entire campaign was ultimately undone by emails that didn’t even turn out to have any particularly incriminating content. Given all those precedents I find it absolutely believable that Trump has never exchanged an email with his attorney.


I suspect that’s based on the idea that he’s “doing little or know legal work” if he’s not actually working as a lawyer or doing much legal work. Not much would qualify as privledged.


“…FBI have reason to believe that Cohen has exceedingly few clients and a low volume of potentially privileged communications.” Court Filing via BusinessInsider

Doubt Cohen can fix that now.

“Sarah Sanders isn’t sure if Michael Cohen is still Trump’s personal attorney” -CNN



Our президент is playing 3 dimensional checkers with a porn star and losing badly.

Hey, uh, so um when exactly do we negotiate peace/war with N Korea?
asking for a friend who is ordering the right amount of potassium iodide…




IKR Kind of hard to believe. How long has he been by trump’s side?

Low volume my ass.


Well the suspense is killing me on what this guy did. It better be good for the build up…


Say what one more time.


Illegal campaign contribution, some kind of bank fraud, maybe defrauding Daniels, maybe threatening Daniels.

It almost doesn’t matter what he did. At some point everyone who has ever been within 50 feet of Trump will be in prison on whatever they can get them on and Trump will be wandering the halls of the Oval Office by himself, a pariah but still president.


I highly doubt this. Well, the wondering around alone part may happen as he fires everyone. But we are pretty piss poor at putting elites in jail.


Note the judge here: Kimba Wood. Remember she was nominated by Clinton to the supreme court, but derailed for having a nanny and not paying the social security tax for her?

Actually I misremembered: According to Wikipedia she DID pay her nanny’s social security, but STILL was derailed because Clinton’s previously derailed appointee had a nanny and didn’t pay social security for her.

So in other words: Kimba Wood’s nomination to the supreme court was derailed for hiring a nanny.


Sigh. Trump is literate. He writes his own tweets, after all. He can read. Whether or not he avoids reading, and why, is a different question.

It seems pretty clear that he does not like to read and has gone to some effort to minimize the amount of reading that he has to do. It’s possible that he doesn’t like to read because he finds it difficult. Which puts him in the same boat as several of my classmates in high school, none of whom were illiterate. It’s also possible that he avoids reading because words on a page do not deliver any ego boost to him, and if there is one thing Trump is addicted to it is ego boosts.

As to not using email, that makes perfect sense for someone who is not comfortable with reading. It also makes sense for a senior citizen of Trump’s age who never got into the whole technology thing.


You all ever seen Goodfellas? Remember the raid scene and the agent is like, “What are you doing, baking a cake?” And one of them touches his finger to the stuff and tastes it and looks up with this big knowing smile?
Anyhow, that’s how I envision the face of the guy that opens up the first folder they bring back from Cohen’s office.