Proud Boys disrupt "Rainbow Storytime" at an Indiana library

An eloquent summary of fascism in practice.


A reformed Nazi (more accurately an ex-Nazi) is not a Nazi by definition.

Reformed Nazi also sounds too close to Reformist Nazi, which is pretty much what the Republican Party are now.


maybe not the thread for this but i recently heard about a study that used racist search terms as a proxy for racist attitudes. it’s almost twenty years out of date, but still interesting. there’s quite a lot of yankee in those red sploshes


It’d be a shame if someone “disrupted” Proud Boys events.

If other countries treated our terrorist organizations the way we treated theirs, they’d be getting disrupted with Hellfire missiles.


If we are looking for nicknames, we could always go with what I think might be the world’s longest running terrorist organization…the Confederacy and its successor the Klu Klux Klan.


They’re making a habit of it because they know they’ll be treated with kid gloves. These are child predators- not in the sexual sense, but they are stalking and harassing CHILDREN. Lock. Them. Up.


There is no law against ignorance. Oh, wait. Everyone is required to attend school or be acceptably home schooled. I guess that isn’t working out too well in the red states.


I liked her better as Sarah Connor.


Also, Pete Buddigieg was the mayor there from 2012 to 2020, so it has a good chunk of decent sorts, that these idiots wanted to annoy.


To be fair, though that’s just for searches, so I think that’s less valuable than looking at racist activity in the real world.

Racism is just a nation-wide problem, because the country was built on racism.

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It’s not ignorance, it’s an active choice they are making. The more we assume that such things are out of ignorance (or worse, mental illness) the more we’re letting them get away with this behavior.


It’s evolving into a christian version of the morality police in Islamic countries enforcing sharia law. The closest example I can think of in the “west” would be the KKK? Still from a “within my lifetime” historical aspect, the proudboys/oath keepers etc feel like they’re molded after the Islamic morality police.

The KKK is explicitly Christian. One of the primary arguments for slavery was a Christian argument.

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Um… thanks for attempting to invalidate my perceptions. Cool stuff. I’m sorry you are free to disagree but if I say this is how something feels to me. No cute “gif” of yours changes that reality.


1865-1870s, 1915-present:

One could argue that Islamic countries learned from the long history of OUR terrorists.


It’s not something that can be a feeling. It either IS or ISN’T a fact and in this case, it is not a fact. The reality is that it goes very much the other way. For example, groups like Islamic State took strategies of white supremacist groups had employed since the late 80s (lone wolf attacks, for example). You might FEEL that it comes from Islamic radicals, but that’s because we’ve all been living with Islamophobia shoved down our throats since 9/11. It is not, however, the fact of the matter. :woman_shrugging:


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