Public transit seating covers reviewed


(Tell me about it! My landlord has tiled my apartment’s bathroom in mottled, rough-textured, mold-colored tiles. Whyyyyy.)


In addition to hiding stains, they don’t offer vandals the “blank canvas” that a solid colour might.


Ah, but constraints inspire creativity!


“cosmic spaghetti” is dedicated to our lord who art…
on public transit(?)


If somebody spills their box of pho on the seat will the pho flow through onto the floor and let the upholstery dry out before tomorrow, or will the pho be trapped by a hard underpan in a thin layer of upholstery that stays wet for days? I am far more concerned about the underlying seat structure.


Those bus patterns have been around for decades. I’m surprised this one hasn’t been one yet:


VR Commuter train services (Finland)


Just looking at this reminds me of … smells


If you think stains are bad cushions are a sponge for unsavory liquids


Nah, we have very clean buses with very hard seats.


Well… that may be a tough call in The Guardian’s photo essay here, which I enjoyed:

… part of this:


I’ve seen the multicolored squiggles on blue in a couple of airport shuttle buses; made me nostalgic for my days in the 'Burgh.


Posterior Pastafarian Propaganda.


Sydney trains:


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