Public transit seating covers reviewed


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The ones shown are good, because that way you could have an infestation of worms or small motherfugging snakes on the bus, and passengers wouldn’t be alarmed.


That cosmic spaghetti is really… something. Jesus that hurts my eyes.


I used to live in the mid west decades ago. Had a friend who helped demo and reno a cafe in town. He brought me back one of the booth table tops. A big slab of plywood with a bonded thick linoleum in teal with thin red and blue boomerang shapes. I’ve used that thing in so many ways over the years.




Gone are the days of hideous paisley, oh hum.


I always appreciate color and texture. But what I really appreciate on public transit are seats that can be easily wiped clean.


It’s better than some of the fabric that we used to have which was a generic jumble of shapes on a blue background. The black and gold colors match the city flag (which is the source of the sports teams colors too.) They’re experimenting with cloth free seats but I don’t think they’ll go over well.


Why are they always patterns? Why not solid colors?






Beat me to it.




Patterns don’t show stains/wear as much.


I wondered about some kind of waterproofing:

Freshness . Moquette needs to be bright enough in color to appear new(ish) after years of wear, but not so pale as to make stains or fade evident.

Stains and odor are the two worst things about the seats. My worst memories are the wet dog and urine smells on rainy days. Why would you want to prevent people from seeing the stains? That’s the passenger’s first line of defense!


Here’s a whole collection of moquette textiles used on London Transport:


Note to transport companies: it can be any pattern you want, but can you please start putting it on top of some fucking cushioning again, not rock hard seats, you horrible, selfish bastards.


There is a Japanese instagram account dedicated to textile patterns on public transportation. The patterns are mostly in Japan, but the person does occasionally travel elsewhere:


silly scrounger-- comfort is for the people who can afford cars of their own!