Putin releases horrifying video of his new Russian nuke going straight toward Florida


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That audience is literally applauding a Kerbal Space Program-like screen capture video. Reminds me of Putin showing Oliver Stone that other video game.


On the downside, end of human civilization.

On the upside, Mar-a-Lago goes first.


The details are fishy. Putin claims that the new missiles are nuclear-powered and so have unlimited range. But a missile’s range is limited by the amount of propulsion mass it carries to shove out the back; a nuclear reaction does nothing to help this.


Yes, but the scientifically illiterate just hear “nuclear-powered Russian SUPERMISSILE! We’reAllGonnaDie!”


Seeing as how missile defenses were always useless, and plan A was always “in event of attack, destroy planet and fuck you, too.”, this does not really change much…


I was thinking that that is what the Russians have on Trump. They are holding Mar-a-Lago at gunpoint.


Secret Defense Plan: Move Florida!


Scramjet propulsion instead of rocket propellant? (I didn’t actually look at the tech specs)

  1. Ok - let’s not lie, nobody here would be too upset if Florida was the only target hit. Especially if it was a golf day.

  2. So it’s a MIRV? I thought those have been around awhile.

  3. I wonder if this will perk up some people not worried about collusion.


Sadly, those in power will use this as a reason to expand our already absurd defense budget.


If he wants to sow chaos in the US,Florida is the last place he should want to bomb.
Unless… is it Disney World that he wants to bomb?
That would make some people sad.


Well it’s odd they picked that spot instead of say Washington. I mean, one could see that as a direct affront to Trump.


Couple days after the promise from the white house to implement sanctions within 30 days.



Okay, but if the missile can travel halfway round the planet, then it does, in effect, have unlimited range. There is no limit to the targets [on planet earth] that it can hit.


Good thing Trump has such a great relationship with Russia, he can prevent things like this from… oh.

"renders defense systems ‘useless’”

Missile defense systems are already useless, so this is a strange thing to say. Unless it does nothing new, in which case the status quo is maintained.


"Putin releases horrifying video of his new Russian nuke going straight toward Florida"

I live in Florida. I’m not sure that I’m horrified.


If only. And by that, I mean. If. Only.


Yes, you would think that an international power demonstrating it’s nuclear capabilities would ‘target’ in their demo the capital of their rival country instead of a retirement state and the “second White House” unless they were trolling a particular orange-skinned ass-hat.


Ruff week-month-year-decade for Florida.