Puzder to withdraw labor secretary nomination, as Team Trump fails and flails


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Goddamn, this team fails and flails (as BB says)


history of employing an undocumented immigrant in his household for years

No problem for Trump though (i.e. Melania)

and not paying taxes until much later

Same as above.


And who the hell is called Puzder even.


The people who read the National Review are NOT the ones who voted for Trump in the Primaries and they’re not the voters that the “establishment” Republicans are afraid of.


It’s a sad day in America when someone who has spent his entire adult life marginalizing, weakening and cheating labor can’t even be secretary of it.


We had our own experience with a proto-Drumpf, 40-odd years ago.

He lasted a very long time in office. What may be even worse, though, is the longevity of his support. If you read the comments^ below the article you’ll see there is still no shortage of folk who think the poison dwarf was wonderful.

^ PROTIP: never read the comments on Stuff, unless you happen to enjoy weeping for humanity


Time wounds all heels…


Errrr… The National Review has been pretty far from Trump’s corner this whole time.

They’ve toned it down a tiny bit since he won, but only slightly. Looking at articles on their front page today (it’s not like I read the damn thing regularly), it’s clear that they take it as a given that Russia attacked the Democrats, and take it as given that Trump and his administration have tighter ties to Russia than their pretending. And they’ve referred to the Muslim ban as “a festival of incompetence and cruelty.” These aren’t Trumpistas’ talking points.

The NR represents establishment Republicans, who have hated Trump since the beginning.


I think of them as foundering and floundering.


If “puzder” isn’t a Yiddish penis synonym, then the Ashkenazi need to get on that.


Heh what a coincidence:

penis = schmuk or shmok




:x: Michael Flynn resigns in scandal.
:x: Trump labor secretary pick Andy Puzder expected to withdraw his nomination.

It’s only Wednesday.

Trump’s been feeling the stress. So he’s scheduled saturday to be fellated by a crowd of magats.


This is your captain speaking… do not rush for the lifeboats … women, children, Red Indians, spacemen and a sort of idealized version of complete Renaissance Men first!


He’s so gross and silly all at once. It’s quite a trick.


Mostly gross.