QAnon hero who inspired "Sound of Freedom" accused of sexually assaulting five women

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As your link shows, that was a different man, Paul Hutchinson.

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Projection. Always projection with right-wingers.


It turns out he was narc’d by his own church. The LDS Church generally doesn’t take sexual misconduct seriously (when its heterosexual). However, they will rain hellfire on people who lie about endorsements by church elders.


I’m Shocked! … shocked … oh, I can’t even anymore.


… and as a reminder, Pastor Greg is off to Thailand this week on a mission with caretaker Steve, our church treasurer Jerry, Sunday school bus driver Pete, and Susan, Pastor Greg’s personal assistant. We thank the congregation for the funds they raised for our group to go on this fact-finding mission into the heart of the sex traffic world. As many from our youth congregation has seen, Steve has a vast array of video proof of these heinous sex acts on his laptop, we thank him for curating this evidence.

Pastor Greg and Susan will pretend to be a couple in order to gain the confidence of the human traffickers, spending a week in Bali to rehearse and get into their roles. Pete and Jerry intend to come back with more video and photographic evidence of the trade, something we hope we can eventually turn over to local authorities to inform them of what is happening under their very noses!

God Speed to these brave souls, we are so very proud of you and the sacrifices you are about to make , all in the name of God and the children.


Thanks! Updated.

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The speed with which the Mormons hierarchy booted this guy to the curb before these allegations came out was really remarkable. I figured they had something more. Glenn Beck went to his defense on social media like a lot of conservative Mormons, but 24 hours later he had deleted the tweets and posted something generically supportive of the church and trusting in god.

I have no doubt the church has been ahead of the news by a few weeks and gave Beck a bit of a talking to.


It’s always a sex cult.


The more I hear about this guy, the more he sounds like Bill Paxton’s character from True Lies.


Jesus, is EVERYONE involved with that movie a sex offender??


Sad Kristen Bell GIF

Is it parody or plagiarism from the church bulletin/website? Who can tell anymore?

(For clarity, I’m not accusing you of plagiarism at all. Your writing is so very spot-on, it’s kinda scary.)


They could do a sequel of the movie with what actually happened, but it might not play as well to fans of the original. Elmer Gantry is overdue for a remake.


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