QAnoners gather in Dallas to await JFK Jr.'s return

Um are they aware that the Kennedys are pretty much exclusively Democrats?


Well, considering their violent tendencies, “murder” is appropriate, but I would never give these clowns a definition as awesome as “a murder of Q”.

But speaking of clowns, I think the only appropriate plural for the Qbies is a “clown car”.

“Sunday afternoon, a clown car of Q supporters gathered on the state capitol steps…”


I just can’t. I’m sitting here confused and smiling but I know I should be feeling a different feeling.


So was Donald Trump until 2014


Realizing I probably could have ended my comment with “aware”

Edit: also it just clicked for me that JFK Sr. would be like… 104???


Remember when the nutters were quaint and saw Elvis working at a 7-11 in Albuquerque?


I think this highlights the whole ‘social media toxic bubble thing’, where people only speak into echo chambers of their own opinions until they completely lose sight of the norm. There is no way these people are able to be open about this belief system in a larger social context in the real world. It makes flat-earthers look rational.


I use the same word I use for a group of idiots—cacophony.

Hasn’t Q been silent for almost a year? I thought I saw an article saying the last post was in December. This is just a self-perpetuating insanity machine now.


Well, when you believe that Trump is still president, that Mueller was working with Trump during his investigation into Trump, that Anthony Weiner’s laptop had video of Hillary and Huma sexually abusing a child (similar for hunter Biden’s “laptop”), etc. etc. etc., and now that the dead son of a former president is going to be the next vice president, then things like Democrat or Republican are trivial details.


That’s the ticket. Many thanks.


I knew about the belief, but for some reason, I really wasn’t expecting anyone to show up there. I guess I always don’t really accept that they actually believe stuff that’s this obviously insane, but yeah, of course they do. I saw part of some posting about this, where the poster said something along the lines of, “those of us with crazy beliefs will finally be shown to be correct,” (actually calling their own beliefs “crazy”) and I thought, “wow, you are halfway to real self-awareness.” The fact that large numbers of people not only have these completely delusional beliefs, but are willing to spend significant time, money and effort to act on them is what makes Q so dangerous…

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Possibly a more appropriate t-shirt logo~


Indeed, amazing; not wonderful, but truly amazing.


A quagmire?


don’t try and tell me it wasn’t he.

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It just boggles the mind to think that these people walk among us. They could be your neighbors, the person who fixes your car, the person delivering pizzas,etc. How do we bring them back to reality? Can it even be done?


I guess the question is, when you bring back the dead, will they have aged while they were dead? I (and I think many, many others) could really get behind a popular 40-something Democratic candidate right now.


parks and recreation whats your point GIF

My point is , like their “God King”, they believe JFK Jr was actually secretly working to undermine and collect evidence against the “pedophiles” all along and that he was a mole in the kennedy family doing that.

So that him (and the Kennedys) being lifelong democrats checks for them, because they were secretly using that to gather evidence for the day of the rope.

Can you tell I’ve got too many family members into this bullshit? :frowning:

I used to LIKE reading political conspiracy theory fiction, too… until this bullshit.


I still think Q is a sociopathic middle-schooler (now high-schooler) who started this as a troll.
The biggest, best troll, better than fake crypto, because this fools all the olds, haha.

I want to think this, because if it’s someone who really believes this shit and is this able to sway the stupid the masses, we’re doomed here. Evil, stupid, or both?