Queen's Guard performs Meat Loaf classic I Would Do Anything For Love, But I Won't Do That

Originally published at: Queen's Guard performs Meat Loaf classic I Would Do Anything For Love, But I Won't Do That | Boing Boing

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It is a nice tribute; but I really don’t feel that Operatic Rock is a natural fit for a military band. There isn’t enough attack, and too much smear and drag.

Turns out the “that” he was singing about was getting vaccinated.


I Would Do Anything For Love, But I Won’t Do Vax


"Howard Stern: Anti-Vax Meat Loaf Was In “Weird Fucking Cult”

This is cool and all, but why does Meat Loaf in particular get this treatment? Did they do “Space Boy” when Bowie went? Did they do “A Thousand Kisses Deep” for Leonard Cohen?

Or does Brenda have Bat out of Hell 1, 2 and 3 on permanent shuffle?

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I saw the topic title in my RSS feed.

I’m probably getting senile.

My thought till I saw the video was:
“Nice, for Queen cover band, to play a tribute to Meat Loaf”

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OK, I’m confused. I loved Meatloaf’s music, I enjoyed watching him act, and I think he had an incredible talent. From what I understand he was a strong supporter of his his family and an involved dad, and I respect that. Up until the point of his death I thought of him as an all around great guy. But I understand now that he was very vocal about not getting vaccinated or wearing a mask, and that he thought of vaccinations and masks only in terms of himself and not of the impact on others (“If I die, I die.”) . As a community (and I’m including myself in this) we tend to scoff at and belittle others with similar views, but it would appear that he gets a pass. Am I missing something?

He’s not getting a pass. Its seen as a tragic misstep.

“We loved your talent, but you died a moron”.

See also Jim Henson, Chris Farley, Paul Walker.


Speaking as somebody who’s been a moron multiple times himself, I’m good with that analysis - thank you.


This was kind of cool and all but I’m not sure why this was a thing?

He wasn’t British, as far as I know he didn’t do things like philanthropy or do much of anything to help the world or even benefit the Realm. He released an album a few decades ago that inexplicably sold tens of millions of units and then died in disgrace of a preventable disease after vocally denying its dangers and refusing to take measure to prevent himself dying from it.

What am I missing here?

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What did Paul Walker do that made him a moron (other than get into the wrong car as a passenger). (Henson and Farley I totally get.)

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Pop Tv Reaction GIF by Schitt's Creek


Jim Henson died on very treatable pneumonia because he wouldn’t get medical treatment in a timely manner. I love the guy’s work and he is one of my personal idols, but he died in a stupid unnecessary way.

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Words that could have saved his life
“Uh, buddy aren’t we going a little fast?”

Be nice if the crowd would shut up and just listen.


I guess we’ll never know if he said that or not. I can’t really blame him for his death since he wasn’t the one driving - he was a victim of someone else’s dumbfuckery. By all accounts he was a pretty good dude and it sucks he died so young.

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Point well taken. I agree with you.

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