Quiz: Breitbart headline, or KKK newspaper headline from the 1920s?


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Fake News, is work of Moose and Squirrel.


Looks like a massive circle jerk initiation, KKK style.


I was doing pretty well, based solely on formality of language, until they started throwing in quotes from officials and Bannon (and removing attribution from the headline), and trying to make them sound more authoritative. Then they really started to blur together, Then my vision started to waver, then I gave up. on life.


Hint: if you guess only ‘Breitbart’ (or only ‘Klan’) for every question you are guaranteed to get a score of 50% correct!


Only 50%? I assumed there’d be some overlap. Or a lot of overlap. Or that if I said “Both” for every question I’d be 100% correct.


Trick question: Breitbart re-uses KKK newspaper headlines from the 1920’s.


This is why it’s better to shoot for pass/fail while studying just a little bit harder.



I gave up after about ten or twelve questions, but there was pattern where it would always be two very similar headlines, and he would mix it up so sometimes Breitbart was first, sometimes Klan. Like @HMSGoose I was doing OK at first by the style of language, then I started getting thrown.


Hmm. Recycling of ideas. That brings up a thought: In future Superman movies, have him kick KKK’s ass as he did in the 40s.

Hey, wait a minute…



I was so into quiz taking mode that it took me a while to notice the actual point.

For those, like me, who were looking for hints in the way thing were worded instead of paying attention to content, what you were actually supposed to do was notice that the questions come in pairs of nearly identical headlines. It’s not really a quiz, it’s a holy shit, look at the parallels piece concealed in quiz form.

Then again, since I didn’t expect to be able to tell the difference, I guess I was already sold on their thesis.


That’s actually something you totally notice through the quiz. Very often you’ll have a kkk headline, then a minor variation on it attributed to breitbart.


Pssssh; like there’s any difference.

  1. True √
  2. False


Eh, America has always been a nation with a lot of racist fucks. But, then again, the entire world is full of racist fucks. And so it goes.

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