Breitbart deletes a tweet


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2nd and goal to go?



“We have deleted a tweet that did not meet our editorial standards.”

I need to order a copy of the Breitbart Stylebook.


They have standards???


Yes, editorial standards. I’ll stop laughing when you do…


The Tweet may not be in line with their editorial standards but it fit perfectly with their ideological ones. The “editorial standard” applied here seems to be “there are certain things we don’t say out loud.” It is a common one in the stylebooks of American conservative publications and political parties.


wow - that was something - I can’t believe this is the world we are in now (but obviously that is because I have been deluded). At least don’t delete the tweet if you think it is good…stick by your words…

also…I kind of get how a Breitbart person who fears globalization could hyperbolize each of those points describing football (pig skin, alcohol, secular music, shoved each other) as fear mongering about the US being taken over by shariya law or something…except for the part about “painted lines” - what is that referring to? Is it ‘haram’ to mark lines on the ground and play sports? someone here wanted to write creative fiction and is stuck tweeting out this swill lol. sounds like circa 1940’s pulp scifi describing the “natives” of another planet.

my vote is that Breitbart is suggesting that devout Muslims don’t like the song “white lines” by grandmaster flash.


This must have been cut off towards the end: “It wasn’t racist enough”


If you’ve never seen football, because the Imam ordered it abolished, then you might need a detailed description. Or if you’re a moron who reads Breitbart.


They accidentally used the wrong whistle.


Can someone remind me where the association football World Cup is being held in 2022?


sorry by football I was referring to american football not soccer (as was Breitbart, since we just had the superbowl).

and so you are reminding me of the (stupid, because of the intense heat) location of the next world cup because? do you feel there is some connection? I doubt Breitbart even knows the Worldcup exists, like most of America.

just to clarify my quote about how I “get” Breitbart’s analogy - I just meant I sort of understand the reference being made but not that I approve of it or think it isn’t idiotic.


Do these people really genuinely fear that USA will be completely taken over by Muslims?


judging from some of the news shows I’ve seen w/ interviews…they totally do - they have faith in it, if you will.




Most of the bullshit from the deleted tweet is invalidated by it being there. They don’t use a leather ball anymore, and i doubt that alcohol will be allowed there, but the rest of it? At one point I said the other football, but it didn’t scan right to my eyes.

Sadly they have British offices too. Where do you think Milo came from?


Well for some nebulously defined meaning of standards.


I see - if we can’t count on Breitbart to fact check…but just so we’re clear, they were talking about American football, and won’t be played in the Mideast. although out “pigskin” isn’t actually made of pig that is true so I guess it could be.