Racist anti-vaxxer Eric Clapton says he won't play in venues that require Covid vaccine

Yeesh, and again with the projection! “Not a Black colony?” Umm, I’m no historian but I’m pretty sure England colonized a bunch of places full of brown/black people that would rather have been left alone…

ETA: @Franko , that’s my policy, too, and I feel fine about it. It’s one thing to enjoy art, it’s another to personally contribute to enriching a racist fucking asshole. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I felt like I was watching a porn video as I kept jumping forward to find the “shredding.” Unlike porn, I never found any. Ah well, in matters of taste there is no dispute.

For me, Clapton shredding is (was) more like this:

The. Joke. you have missed it.


But the porn habits, have been revealed! :joy:


I do not want to know what shredding means in the context of porn.


Anybody can unintentionally play an instrument poorly, but it takes a skilled musician to intentionally play an instrument poorly.

Maybe that’s why I love the “shred” genre so much. The people that make these videos have to put forth a lot of time and effort to make them sound so amateurish. I’m sad that that genre didn’t pick up more steam on YouTube, but the few videos that are there are masterpieces.

Simpsons Thats The Joke GIF

The entire “shred” genre of videos takes real performances and overlays them with intentionally (and often perfectly synchronized) terrible ones.

The gold standard of the genre is probably this one:


:joy::joy::joy: I meant about what the poster revealed about “skipping ahead to get to the good bits,” but I like your interpretation better.


More like Slowhand crap.


I don’t know if he’s a racist or antivaxxer or anything. But he was kind of a stuck up jerk when I saw him play a solo gig in a small theater at my college.


Dunno, but Ginger Baker has had a few assholish moments, I seem to recall.


Clapton Is Goad_ing us…

It was miss-spelled. Plus, the Beano is cruel…

I’m just happy that I’ve always despised his music, playing, and personality. From his maudlin, vacuous compositions to his feloniously derivative “blues” guitar stylings to the insufferable “Clapton is God” business he is just a pox on the world of sound. Except for his line “God it’s God I see God” on Zappa’s “Freak Out”. Or was it “We’re Only In It For The Money”?


Howsabout John Hammond?

Have you seen the movie?

Beware of Mr Baker?
I did but I may have been not perfectly compos mentis at the time - under the influence of memory-affecting substances. It’s all a bit fuzzy.

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Phew ! That was close!

Never liked Clapton or anything he did!


lovecraft, waters etc…

Clapton’s music from the '70s, the period I like the most, is almost entirely cribbed from Johnson, Cale, George Harrison, The Band, and Bob Marley. There are other influences in there, as well, but those are the most obvious. Where’s the originality?

“I hate Wagner, but I hate him on my knees.” — Leonard Bernstein


I’ve been in that sort of relationship…


I’ve read that before, and the irony of such a hate-filled rant about the very people his entire musical career has been built on surely can’t be lost on a great many of those people, in particular the great blues masters.
He’s also said something else during that conversation, it was about being so disillusioned with Britain he was thinking of moving to another country along with his family.
So, Eric, the door’s open, don’t let it hit you in the ass on the way out.
What, you’re still here?
Fuck off. Now.
Oh, and take Van Morrison and fucking Morrisey with you.