Racist Karen gives two teens a piece of her mind while destroying their Pride Month art

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Same shit, but in my city. Thankfully the idiot got arrested and didn’t destroy any of the work, but come on. It’s a bit of colourful paint, if you see it as an attack on you, that’s a you problem. Stop making it ours. https://www.instagram.com/p/CP7R9hqnmVr/?utm_medium=share_sheet


Well that was another show from yet another a§§hole, of which there are many it seems.
Apart from everything else, don’t such a§§holes know by now that everyone has a bloody camera on at all times? And therefore, their a§§holery will be broadcast from every hill and dale post haste? Even if they cannot grasp their own a§§holeness due to lack of perspective, they should at least fear the consequences. Don’t they go yak-yak about Cancel Culture™ all the time? One would suppose this Great Fear would make them a bit more circumspect at least.
In short: I don’t understand these a§§holes “mental” processes at all.


I can not envision the state of mind one must be in to come to the conclusion that this course of action is what is adequate. It is fascinating, aggravating, comical and scary to behold all at once.


The Aristokarens!


Yeah, or “that’s not who I am”.


Getting cancelled is a bonus. It validates their belief that everyone is out to get them, and “it’s so unfair”. There’s also opportunities for grifting your way into a speaking gig, GoFundMe, and so on, if you spin it with the right audience.

ETA: quote marks around “it’s so unfair” to clarify that I’m not the one thinking that.


“You don’t even stand out anymore”

i don’t even understand what her point is. so, what, you want them to be MORE fabulous or something, so they stand out more to you? standing out wasn’t even the point in the first place, so what is this ranty woman’s problem? ugh, i’m so done with all of them. i’m heartened to see that in some places in the south (and Tennessee is really a beautiful place, honestly) that there are plenty of people to stand up to hatred like this.


It’s especially telling that the first deliberate thing she does is spray white paint over the black and brown stripes. Ugh.


People can be so great. :kissing_heart::heart:


But… but… you don’t understand! IT IS ALL ABOUT MEEEEEE!!! Stop oppressing me with your positive thoughts and progressive ideas! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :exploding_head:


If a coherent argument isn’t found, I default to projection and self incrimination.

Apparently Karen is feeling marginalized, she is incapable of celebrating her own life, her career is unfulfilling, and she blames immigrants and taxes for her problems.


It must be completely lost on her that the shirt she is wearing is emblazoned with the work of one of the most famous gay artists in American history. :roll_eyes:

With a baseball tongue for some reason?

ETA: as @ChuckV points out, I was confusing Warhol’s other work for the Stones with Jack Pasche’s. Anyway, racist bullies wearing logos of transgressive artists is obnoxious no matter what. Especially with baseball tongue.


I agree. Celine Dion has seen better days.

So odd. There must be some sort of secret Karen > IRS > Karen information pipeline out there that I’m just not aware of.


Yes, sorry. I’m an asshole for acknowledging existing, grown-ass person who thinks throwing a tantrum and destroying stuff is a valid way to deal with things you don’t like. (/s)


I’m pretty sure what you’re responding to was sarcasm about the Karen in question, and how she sounds… just fyi.


This. Also, almost always seems tied to a weird religious group that seems to have some sort of perceived persecution complex (though it seems in most cases that they’re the ones persecuting others for not believing in their sky god/dad/son who is actually the same guy).


That is one way hate propagates. For others, see the connection between the “New Atheists” and the “Alt-right”.

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The best part about this is that Karen ended up causing to happen the exact opposite of what she wanted to happen. She was trying to silence these teens and erase their message, but her actions ended up spreading the message everywhere, which never would have happened if she’d just minded her own business. I love it when karma works.