Racist rant at In-N-Out Burger lands Colorado man in jail

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Christ, what an asshole.


Yet another reason to avoid In n Out and go to a place that makes good burgers, like Whataburger.

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Good on California for letting these out-of-state racist arseholes know they’re not welcome.


The main problem is obviously the asshole but where was everyone else in the restaurant? Why do people have to keep going through incidents like this alone? If we want this to stop we have to be willing to take a personal risk and stand up when we see it.


I saw this over the weekend. Glad they caught the asshole.


Someone asks them whether they’re alright at about the halfway mark of the video


Yeah, after the guy had already walked outside to leer at them through the window. It’s preformative, “This makes me uncomfortable, but not uncomfortable enough to say something when it involved actual risk to myself”. That does nothing to disillusion the racist prick from thinking he has the implicit support of the other people that were there.


I couldn’t for the life of me work out why you linked to my weird loo-roll stacking.
I think I get it now, it’s just the last item in the thread, so fine.

Anyway, back on topic, fuck this guy and every other dick with the same mindset.

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I think the problem is that people have seen too many occasions where an intervention has turned really nasty, and violent, and people have been badly injured or killed. It’s bad enough here in the U.K., where a young woman at a pub with her friends having a great time dancing was shot in the head and killed instantly, and there have been multiple instances of stabbings, despite guns being completely illegal, and the carrying of knives also, and the situation in America where any asshole with a grievance can walk in with an AR15 and/or a hand weapon plus a hunting or fighting knife




That intimidation factor works both ways. The garbage racist also has no idea if some random intervenor is armed or not as well.


If the instigator was at all worried about someone stopping him with personal arms then he wouldn’t have started anything. The myth of “an armed society is a polite society”


Indeed… gun nuts firmly believe that if that situation of a shoot out ever happens, that they’ll win because they are so great at shooting things at a gun range or in their back yard, and that they’ll be hailed as heroes, like Bruce Willis in Die Hard or whatever. But things like that are never like they are in in the movies… they are just horrific bloody violence that kills and maims…


You’re underestimating how much of their overconfidence is generally the result of the white privilege of never having been told no about anything ever in their life. Most of them are spineless racist shitheels who’ve never been in a fight where they didn’t outnumber their opponents 3 to 1. They’re not unworried about getting shot because they don’t care if an opponent is armed, they’re unworried because they’re used to not being opposed whatsoever at all.


While I agree with you about In n Out, the nearest Whataburger to San Ramon, California is in Colorado. Just a bit of a drive.


I don’t know. Did you find footage of any other perspectives?
All I could tell from the footage shown was that the racist asshat approached them and went away a few times, then went outside. I don’t know if other customers led to him going away those first few times or what.


You try to get a CCW in Contra Costa County. Unless you’ve got a jewelry store or a big cash business, you are only getting one from the Sheriff if you stuff his campaign coffers with lots of cash.
They’re are rare as hen’s teeth.

I think the “armed society” canard is a mostly that, but the odds that anyone is legally packing in San Ramon is virtually nil.

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I think that was true in nearby Santa Clara County too, and it’s one of the reasons why former sheriff Laurie Smith is in some kind of legal trouble (not like anything’s gonna happen to her).

I sure do! So much so, I wanna film myself stuffing one into my face hole!

I seem to recall the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office was all buddy-buddy with Apple’s security people. Trillion dollar company? You get CCWs! Woman with a restraining order against an abusive husband? No CCW for you!