Rage Against the Machine Demand Nigel Farage Rename His “Farage Against the



RATM reportedly tweeted: “This pissweasel IS the machine.”

Pissweasel. See also “shitgibbon”.


Oooh my new favorite word… pissweasel… I like it.




This makes me ridiculously happy. All the love to RATM; every time I think they’re as generally awesome as possible, they shove the bar higher.


Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!

Yeah, this time you will.


Don’t fuck with The Rage


Be disobedient!



It’s difficult to imagine anyone who is more “the machine” than nigel privately-educated-investment-banker farage.


Not to defend the pissweasel, but to stick up for free speech: at least in the US i think that would be considered fair use. It’s not like that’s the name of his band. The Horror, makes me think of all the pissweasel American right-wing politicians who actually do have bands.


My new favorite word used to be one I learned from “Killing Eve”, dickswab. But pissweasel is so much better.


It may not be in the UK.

compare this case with

This is the farage logo.
Does anyone else feel this is a case of right wing recuperation?


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