'Ralphie' star Peter Billingsley returns for 'A Christmas Story' sequel

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So, like was the writer for Gran Torino, The Mule, and Narcos planning to actually mine Jean Shepherd or just wing it with his own stuff? I’m worried.

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I’m one of the few people who actually bought a ticket and watched “A Christmas Story” in the theater during its original run. Recapturing the wonky charm of the original will be quite a feat. It looks to be set in the (very cool) '60s, which should provide ample nostalgia buttons to push. Whether good or bad, I’ll miss Jean Shepherd’s narration.


Wow, Today I Learned that we wouldn’t have Jean Shepherd’s writing if it wasn’t for Shel Silverstein giving him encouragement. :cool:


You’ll put your eye out!


It won’t be as good without Jean Sheperd’s narration. The original audience for “A Christmas Story” grew up with this man on their radios almost every night and knew what to expect from something he was involved in.

Nowadays people don’t know Jean Shepherd from Garrison Keillor.

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HBO Max? I guess I won’t be seeing it anytime soon. Unless of course our daughter is a subscriber(she has a subscription to almost every streaming service) and I get her login like all of the other streaming services.that I only watch once or twice a year.

Oh well.

I also saw it in it’s original run too. Not sure if they can capture any of the charm of the original.

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Speaking of which, isn’t it going to be kind of weird having a grown-up Ralphie whose voice doesn’t sound like Jean Shepherd’s?

It was already kind of odd that Fred Savage didn’t sound much like Daniel Stern even after he was well into late adolescence.


The funny thing is that I saw it when I was a young college kid with my very cynical cousin, who made fun of everything at the time. We were entertained enough by it and got a couple of laffs out it, but generally thought it was a terrible film. It’s grown on me a lot in the intervening years. It’s totally built around nostalgia, and part of my love for it is my own nostalgia for going to movies with my cousin back then.

I remember being surprised it was good.


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