Ramaswamy stoops to Q-nut idiocy to please MAGA base

Ramaswamy needs to spend more time with the people he’s trying to appeal to. Not as a candidate, but as a ‘brown’ person who just wandered into a Harrison Arkansas cafe to have a meal with his family. He’s like a sighted Clayton Bigsby; which makes him look even more foolish.



Vivek Ramaswamy going full Kremlin about Ukraine: “We have no idea how Ukraine has spent $200 billion of our money, we are forking them more of our taxpayer money to see how some Ukrainian cut the crap can buy a bigger house.”

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And possibly protection from any lawsuits launched by former investors.


I don’t think so. Con artist Vivek Ramaswamy is a Harvard educated Yale Law School graduate. I mean, sure, he could actually believe this nonsense, but it’s far more likely that he thinks this is his path to power.

I remain convinced that what he really wants is, should Trump win, to be appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services. The FDA reports to that agency, and FDA refusing to approve the drugs he’s purchased the patents on is causing his business model to fail. I think he wants to dismantle that agency so he can start taking all kinds of dangerous drugs to market and convince his investors they didn’t make a mistake. So he’s fully embracing the crazy in an attempt to appeal to Trump. No way Trump makes him VP, but he might make him Secretary of HHS.


Maybe, but let’s not forget that believing in conspiracy theories isn’t just about educational level. One of the things that Naomi Klein has been talking about with her recent book is how Naomi Wolf got sucked into the eco-system despite being highly educated… Lately, I’ve been a big believer in “believing people when they tell us who they are” primarily because that’s all we can really go on. Whatever his own internal motivation, the truth is that we aren’t privy to that, and we have to go by what he does and said.

But yeah, that whole thing about the drug approval is a possible clue as to what is really going on… as we’ve all been noting, most are running on the idea of being put into Trumps new government…


That’s an extremely plausible rational reason for Ramaswamy to be doing what he is doing, but as @Mindysan33 said, it’s entirely possible that he’s been ensnared by the conspiracy theories. He wouldn’t be the first, or the last, person who started believing his own lies.


See the picture in the hall
Framed in magic on the wall
Ain’t it funny how it glows
What’s on the inside no one knows
What makes this picture so inviting
To those who stand outside it?
Maybe it’s the dancers
Or maybe it’s the dance
the dancer dances

One of my go-to philosophical songs. We cannot know what anyone’s intentions or inner thoughts are, we can only see “the dance.” That’s what we have to go on. Anything else is “just so” stries we tell ourselves.

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I remember when Jan 6 happened, there was talk of a bipartisan investigation, but Republican official statements were all “Nah”, and “Bygones”, and “let’s not bicker about who killed who…”. Yes, put Jim Jordan under oath and make him answer what he and Trump talked about that day. “Inside job” questions could be answered.


Never trust a man who says things like that about his mother.


Yes, Mr. Ramaswamy, it’s unclear what a country at war with Russia could possibly be spending money on.

Shouldn’t he, as a Republican, be happy the Ukrainians are keeping and bearing arms? Or does he want to reserve that right just for Americans?


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