Rand Paul, Presidential candidate, serial mansplainer

There is also this gem:



Also, Dilbert this week has been all about mansplaining to Alice:


Apparently, mansplaining is having its moment in the sun.


Still, preferable to Ted Cruz?

When do the serious candidates announce themselves?

Hilary and Jeb will hang back for a bit longer, and wait for these guys to show themselves to be asses, then announce. We’re getting Clinton/Bush again, like it or not.

I don’t know about that.

Is Bush really more likely than Rubio?

A few years ago I thought Jindal might come to the fore but he seems to have blown that (and appears to be an utter asshat).

Staggers me that the union busting nonentity from Wisconsin (heh - my keyboard thinks I meant to type Eurovision there) is in the running. Christie might be an amusing car crash, I guess.

Clinton’s such an uninspiring option, too.

Le sigh.


I’d guess so. Bush is the “safe” option, from the POV of the establishment.

And about Clinton… totally. But she was promised it, I’d bet, after 2008.


I haven’t actually read Dilbert since before he stopped wearing a tie to work-- could be months, could be years-- I have no clue.


From the seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time dept. of QLD politics, last month’s International Women’s Day lunch hosted and organised by the LNP was held at Tattersall’s gentleman’s club, a venue famous for not allowing women members.

PM , Federal Minister For Women and elite-level mansplainer Tony Abbott was quoted as saying:

Just how wonderful the broad church that I lead is. Obviously they’ve
now broken down the last barrier and they’ve made the men only club
admit women. Admit women. Isn’t that fantastic. At last! They’ve
admitted women and done it on International Women’s Day because of the
Liberal National Party. Good on the Liberal National Party. Smashing the
glass ceiling yet again. Yet again we are smashing the glass ceiling.
Congratulations. Thank god that bastion of old fashioned chauvinism has
collapsed like the walls of Jericho at the trumpet of the Liberal
National Party. Good on you.

Meanwhile, Tattersall’s club still refuse to allow women as members. But at least they can get in through the door, provided they have a partner card.

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when i mansplain, i do it in style. tweed jacket, pipe, glass of scotch, no pants, and sock garters.

wait, that got fuckin’ weird fast. what am i smoking?


Oh, another Tatt’s member, Good show, old man.

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crap, i’ve been smoking jazz flute all morning.


Admittedly, golf isn’t exactly on the fore-front of social progress, but I thought this was exceptional, even from an old geezer.


“There’s been a hell of a row because four golf courses that hold the Open Championship didn’t have women members,” he said. “I’m told the Ladies Golf Union has lost 150,000 members since equality for women came in. Hundreds of women have left golf clubs because they’ve gone from paying half fare to full fare. It’s caused mayhem.

“All of the wives of members at these clubs could have used the facilities for free. When I was at Muirfield a couple of years ago talking to a few of the lady members, I said: ‘What about this equality? You must be happy about that?’ ‘God no,’ they said. ‘We can come here and do what we like, we can play golf and don’t pay anything.’”

He added: “The equality thing is a great part of golf. Equality for women: a few people battled away to get it, they got it, and they have buggered up the game for a lot of people.”


that is a beautiful turn of phrase for such a problem.

back on target, Rand is an annoying goof. i like some of his policies, but the total package is a train wreck.

Then let’s hope he doesn’t get elected and cause Widespread Panic

“That’s not true mansplaining”

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Ooh, I have another, in kind of a Duchamp vein.

“This is not mansplaining”

(Ducks at the bottle being lobbed at my head)

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Ooh, ooh!! I have another!!

“You can’t mansplain, everyone is equal now!”

(Quietly, softly @japhroaig takes his celexa)

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Do you mean Magritte?

Saw an excellent Magritte retrospective at the Art Institute last summer/fall, including the above painting, of course. Worth seeing, if it comes to your town.


punches own junk. Calls art major wife and apologizes. Turns in art history enthusiast card.