Rankin/Bass mailman X Dead Kennedys: 'Stealing People's Mail'

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It seems that Fred Astaire could pull off any musical style.


Special Delivery Kluger: “Now, hold on, hold on! I can answer all your questions because I know everything about Santa.”

I Wonder Emma Stone GIF by Saturday Night Live



I taped this album to play in my car at least four times in the mid-80’s, as a couple were given away to people after hearing it for the first time as passengers, and at least two just wore out. At some point a girlfriend said she didn’t like it playing in the car because “it makes you drive too fast.”

Simpler times.


The DKs’ll have that effect.

They’re not alone. Jerry Lee Lewis always made me - and mom - drive much too fast.

I got to see the orig DKs on their final tour. The slamming was amazing: instead of bashing into others and getting bashed into, it was like being upright in a very wave-y sea. I could’ve closed my eyes and remained perfectly safe.


I saw them in ‘83 at the Seaview Ballroom, which was known at the time as one of the few places in Melbourne you could buy heroin without a reference. My best friend had just left the heavy metal band he played to join a big local punk band, Depression, who supported the DKs at a few shows.

There was a really tense collection of punks eyeing off a bunch of 30-something junkies, plus plenty of cops looking like they were expecting trouble. About halfway through the second set a little light chaos emerged between the various punks, junkies and bar staff. Fisticuffs ensued, the bar was closed and the cops came. I was technically too young to be in a pub and scarpered.

Almost as good as Motörhead, about a year later.

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