Ravens get stoned by rubbing chewed-up ants on their feathers

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That’s so Raven.


Ravens have been known to fly toward the sound of gunshots because a hunter may leave something behind for them to scavenge. I even saw one cruising back and forth above a ridge where we were target shooting, looking really interested in what was going on.

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I saw a robin anting the other day, picking up either black or red ants and sticking them briskly into its wings. It looked more like business than pleasure, but who knows. Anything to help with the mites and other parasites, I guess.
If you’re interested in ravens, you could read “Mind of the Raven” by Bernd Heinrich. Fun fact from this book: Ravens eat meat, but can’t open a carcass with their beaks, so they’ve adapted by zeroing in on the activities of human and animal hunters that’ll do the work for them.

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That’s So Raven, Final episode date

November 10, 2007


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