Read the letter NY gov Andrew Cuomo received, with N95 mask, from Kansas farmer

jealous of his position. jealous that he’s the mayor of one of the greatest cities in the world and not stuck up in podunk albany. thats what i mean. I know Deblasio has his own problems.

Albany (and it’s outlying area) is a fine place, thank you very much.


you’re being intentionally obtuse.

my POINT is that cuomo is a corrupt egotist. this is like his post 9/11 Giuliani moment. What he’s doing now as a leader is mostly good. especially in his opposition to Trump. but dig a little deeper and you’ll find annoying crap like him opposing rent freezes, hiring prisoners to repackage (no make) hand sanitizer for next to nothing etc. he’s not a hero.


Make America Great Again!


Dude, I live by Albany and take umbridge with it being referred to as po-dunk. I understood your point and agree about Cuomo, but leave the region out of it. The county I live in is a remarkable place with a lot going for it.


I would say that Bill DeBlasio and Cuomo are very similar in terms of their policy goals and level of corruption they will participate in to achieve them. The difference is that Cuomo is a very, very effective politician. He gets done what he wants to get done. He has the state wrapped around his finger which is no easy task given the conservative farmers upstate, conservative d bags on the island, and the very liberal nyc and Hudson valley. Now mind you, he is a micro managing transactional bully with very few actual friends. But Mayor Bill is just hapless.
Also worth noting, Cuomo could have been mayor any time. DeBlasio owes his mayoral position to Weiner’s dick pics. He could never win the governorship.


i take it back. my point wasn’t to diss albany but to suggest maybe the psychology behind cuomo was his jealousy of NYC, which, all judgments and comparison aside, you cant deny people who aren’t from elsewhere in new york state, think of the city AS new york. the city is the focus of media, of entertainment, of population and culture etc. And although Cuomo’s position is technically a higher rank than mayor of NYC, the mayor of NYC gets as much or more attention than most governors because of the importance of the city. My point was not to diss Albany and im sorry i called it po-dunk. Just making an observation about Cuomo and how I imagine he sees his relative power in the state.

cuomo is the worst kind of neo-liberal. his policies in general verge on republican. he blocks progressive legislation and his cabinet is literally corrupt. but don’t take it from me. let teen vogue go into detail:


I really wish he had cc’d Drumpf on that letter.


I think it’s telling that a farmer in Kansas knows not to send the mask to the current President.



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I guess my point is that they are both corrupt. But one gets things done (good or bad as you may see it). And the other is incapable of doing anything.

I’m more aligned with what DeBlasio says is important but overall I have found Cuomo more useful in my life. See the pandemic response for instance. Everybody knows he’s an a hole. But thank god he’s in charge and not mayor bill.

Anyway, good convo.

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