Real Gregorian monks singing the Halo theme is pretty insane

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That’s awesome! Remember in the 90s when Gregorian chants were getting popular (probably due to the influence of Dead Can Dance, I’m betting, who must have influenced Enigma?)… good times. And then recently, I got caught up with Jojo’s Bizarre adventure, and second half of season 4 had enigma’s Modern Crusaders…

Bobby Moynihan No GIF by Saturday Night Live

No fun…


I too am really enjoying the new Halo. Several hours down and I find myself deliberately backtracking to try and make the campaign last longer.

Such stunning visuals! Plus the attention to details are great, especially the very mouthy grunts talking so much smack now!


I haven’t played Halo in…years. As soon as I read this headline, the song popped into my head. Chills. Might be time to spend some coin at the Steam store.

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Reminds me of the Gregorian theme from Tomb Raider II, which really took me by surprise and still comes up in my dreams every now and then.

The guy on the right looked like he might have been elsewhere. The wide-open eyes, fixed stare kind of an unusual look. Maybe a visual impairment or maybe the music took him somewhere and he wasn’t coming back. Haunting location where the mind might well get caught in currents that only pass through certain places and only are only meant for a select few souls.

Huh. The system requirements are a LOT lower than I thought they’d be. I might actually be able to afford to play it. I need a new gfx card, but the fanciest I can afford is probably a 1050ti because the world is insane.

If those were REAL Gregorian Monks, wouldn’t that mean they’ve travelled almost 500 years in to the future?

Also, I can’t be the only one that really hoped that the cool drums and strings would kick in about 45 seconds in?

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This somehow makes me think of this a capella cover of Battery.

Edit: And that a capella cover of Battery makes me think of the first Pitch Perfect which is a funny as hell movie that I’ll recommend to anyone who’ll listen.

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