Realistic young Steve Jobs action figure


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What kind of “action” does mini-Steve do? Berate colleagues? Embarrass friends? Ridicule the work of others? Magically inlflate a reality distortion field?

Just wondering if GI Joe can compete.


This is great news, because now kids have a genuine and accurate evil villain to use during playtime. I hope they expand the set to include millions of apple zombie action figures with credit cards in hand (instead of a kung fu action grip, they can have a card-swiping back-and-forth motion). I’d also love to see the third-world factory playset complete with his minions of 9-year-old-girls ready to do his bidding. With their tiny hands and quick iPod assembling abilities, they would totally kick GI Joe and Transformer ass!

A true revenge of the nerds!


There damn well better be an “older Steve” figure with a GI Joe fuzzy beard…

Came here for the posts from bitter nerds, was not disappointed.


Does it also smell 1/6 as bad as the young Steve Jobs did?


Young Steve Jobs also comes with 4 different fun outfits! Choose from the black turtle neck, the black turtle neck, the black turtle neck, and the black turtle neck for hours of dress-up fun!


Wait until the Bill Gates action figure comes out.

That said, I’m waiting for the Ballmer one, complete with chair.

Ha. Who’s bitter?

Just saying…

Then you’ll love this one: I was hoping it would have a little plastic bundle of cash for the $2150 he stole from his best friend Steve Wozniak, or maybe some court documents from his refusal to admit paternity of his daughter.

I’m typing this on a Mac. I’m not a knee-jerk Apple hater. If holding people accountable for being toxic shits makes me a “bitter nerd,” then brother, print that on a T-shirt and I’ll wear it with pride.


Why? Just, why?

You just know a number of these are going to turn up in Youtube videos as they are slowly melted in a microwave. (Do action figures actually do that…?)

They took our Jobs :frowning:

Steve Jobs here today on does it blend!

Seriously want to see that btw.


Funny…I think this looks more like Ashton Kutcher.


Seriously. I’ve also noticed I have a hard time differentiating between Ashton as Steve, and actually Steve.

He does all of those actions you mentioned, which then causes totally awesome products to come into existence.

Ok. If you say so.

Are you sure you don’t really want to say “insanely great?” Or is that just the kool aid talking?

Sorry. Couldn’t resist. I’m writing this on an iPad…which is pretty good. Totally awesome might be a stretch though.

Wow, I just did a big double-take. My hat’s off to the sculptor, the modellers, the painter, and the photographer. The skin texture, tone, and gloss; the depth of field and the lighting; the eyes… This is one great looking model.

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I wonder if he would have objected to every single pore being represented.