Recomendo videos: Quick hose connectors/Professional scissors/Make a custom mug

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He doesn’t know how to hold the scissors; the tang (curved tab) at the end of the handle’s for the ring finger. The second finger fits into the finger ring and the index finger rests on the shaped shaft to provide a high level of steering and pointing control. The thumb ring on the other scissor is how you provide the cutting power.


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The second recommender is unaware that barber shears/scissors perform best when they are tensioned correctly. Tensioning them correctly will let them cut better and use less effort for each snip. Even one haircut of snips can mean tired muscles. Do this for your job, and let’s just say that RSI isn’t exactly unknown to the professionals. So, in this price range, it’s unlikely that the factory tuned them at all. Search for “scissor tensioning” videos to learn.

So, to answer the question, “What’s this metal thing for?”, well, now you know that it’s used to adjust the tension (or to completely disassemble them for sharpening). Me, I don’t like little things that get lost. For another dollar or two, you can get a pair with a knurled thumb knob so that they can be adjusted in seconds without tools. Amazon’s “Best Sellers in Hair Cutting Shears” will have many examples.

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