Scissors with a right-angle bend


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Perhaps they don’t exist yet for a reason. I’m not sure “nobody ever thought of it” is the reason.


Aren’t there scissors with a less acute bend, like 30 or 45 degrees, for this purpose?

90 degrees looks way too awkward.


RightShear: Useful But Dorky-Looking!™


I could be wrong, but that looks like it would be a lot more difficult to cut a straight line with these, since from the viewpoint you’d be cutting from it would put your hand up over top of and in front of the pivot point.


In the millennia of scissors technology, I’m sure this has been done before, so cheap knockoffs will surely arrive in short order if these are halfway useful (and I doubt they are).

The post links to (or , depending on the view), which clearly isn’t right. @beschizza ?


This can make it easier:

Or trauma shears-style scissors could work:

Surgical scissors have a whole range of angles, including 125 degrees:


… and hilarious! :smile:


How could something that obvious not already exist, and be patented?


If you think those scissors are cool, you’ll love this


Scissors with a right-angle bend

That’s all very nice until they cut corners with the design.


You’d really have to re-learn how to use scissors if you intended to do any fine work with these.


I thought maybe this was for someone with arthritis or hand strength issues. But this looks even harder to use.


dead link. Perhaps it was vaporware?


They have a bunch of videos up and they all look super awkward. Right shears people, you need to learn about box cutters and exacto knives.


The main problem I’d expect is not being able to apply much pressure to keep the blades together while cutting. Not helpful for thicker applications or if the scissors become too loose.


I use scissors/shears, a lot, and I can’t think of a practical application for this that would have me add these to the arsenal, but maybe someone has a use for them.

That’s with regard to the angle, the hand position is ouch for repetitive use IMO. Not recommend.

That said, it’s got all the necessary components of a best seller, as seen on tv, buy it and into the junk drawer gadget, If he plays it right he’ll make a mint and generation after generation of people will giggle when they happen across them while cleaning out Grandma & Grandpa’s junk drawer after they pass.


Lock your cat in the other room while using those.

Actually, I’m waiting for the Internet Of Things version.


You’re all being incredibly snarky, but honestly, these look like they could be a wonderful tool for someone with mobility issues


It’s completely not new. It is called Potts scissors which is widely used by surgeons to open up blood vessels