Red Skull, thin skin: guru Jordan Peterson is angry that latest villain incarnation talks like him

If his sense of humor has returned, he should love Dana Carvey’s sendup, where he does Peterson’s voice, and mocks him for telling everybody how to live, while completely fucking up his own life. It’s on Carvey’s ‘Fantastic!’ podcast, which I love, but is quite rambling, includes recurring characters of dubious comedic value (but which make him laugh, so why not), and whatever pops into his head on a particular day. This bit is great, though. I listen on Spotify, but I’m not sure how to link that. Episode 5, starting at 6:35.


Hitler wrote in German, and the translations adopted some of the cliches of English writers on social Darwinism-- in particular Herbert Spencer. Is it revealing that Jordon Person’s phrasing might mimic Herbert Spencer? Yes. But that doesn’t grab the headlines as much as “Peterson plagiarized Hitler.”

Parfitt needs to exclude the null hypothesis. Maybe he does.

I’m sure @Doctor_Faustus was just making a little joke about his own username :wink:


Sounds like a hideous medical complaint suffered by dolphins.


JP has only just come out of an intensive care unit, Mikhaila said. He has neurological damage,

How could they tell?

and a long way to go to full recovery. He is taking anti-seizure medication and cannot type or walk unaided, but is “on the mend” and his sense of humour has returned.

Wait, is this like the joke where I ask the doctor if I will be able to play the piano after my surgery?


Because this comment is going to be questioned heavily because JP…:roll_eyes:…“great, because I could never play before!”



This is near verbatim response I got from my brother when I called him out on his Peterson fellating. Do you all have a script you work off?


On places like PragerU? That’s kind of a problem. A huge problem.

For all his posturing, he hangs were the money is.


The traditional safe spaces for pseudoscientific speculation have been taken over, almost literally. The New Republic — which Ta-Nehisi Coates has asserted had perhaps two black staff writers or editors in its heyday and was certainly overwhelmingly white — is now being edited by the leftist multicultural barbarians. Slate has moved away from reflex contrarianism toward a more robust liberalism. And William Saletan, to his genuine credit, has written a serious mea culpa for his previous flirtations with race-IQ theorizing.

Peterson has race-IQ problems, and there’s the question if he really understands Nazis.


Upcycling gone wrong?


Ben Shapiro is cancelling Captain America on Twitter because apparently Captain America is not behaving sufficiently patriotically these days.


I really found his self authoring workbook helpful. Why do people hate the guy? (Totally out of the loop, and happy to be I think)

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A whopping 3 seconds on any internet search engine will reveal the answer to your question. As would reading the comments above your own.


Watch/listen to these, from this thread


You know who else self-authored successfully…

Seriously, short version is the he’s built his fame and fortune by acting as a knowing gateway to the various ideologies that fall under the umbrella of what’s called the alt-right.


Peterson was, during his main years, a complete dingdong of a psychiatrist who manages to latch onto the coattails of more talented academics and co-opt their work. “The Big Five” test? The work of other academics. Self-authoring journals? Standard-ass tools given out by actual psychologists. There’s a reason why Peterson was one of the least-cited people in his field prior to 2014, and it has nothing to do with his terrible politics.

And oh, what terrible politics he has.

Peterson fundamentally hates women, resents taking orders from women, and thinks the world would be a better place if only men were allowed to seize the means of production. Sometimes he’s quite indistinguishable in rhetoric from notorious cult founder William Branham, especially when it comes to women and workplaces.


I think he is just afraid of being punched by fictional symbols of all that is good and decent about this nation.


He’s so obviously a neo-nazi that you can use his quotes in a comic book depicting The Red Skull’s speech and it fits perfectly in character.


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