Reddit shuts down Incel forum


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The Gallery of Trump-Inspired Assholes

Wow, at both Reddit actually cracking down on misogyny and just how brazenly depraved a circlejerk can get if you let it go long enough.


Ugly and terrible. If you will excuse me veering far off topic, imagine a country where there are significantly more men than women and even greater income disparity. I really believe that the PRC is headed towards a great level of social disorder fueled by rural poor who are unable to get girlfriends and wives because more wealthy city-dwellers have scooped up the women and taken them to the city.




Given that GamerGate, which many credit for aiding and abetting the rise of the neo-Nazi alt-right, was literally started when Zoë Quinn’s whiny sex-starved ex-boyfriend wrote a 9,000 word manifesto about getting dumped, there’s no underestimating how scary some guys get when they can’t get laid.



Why did they use the handle r/Incels? was r/butthurtbros already taken??


Thank god for Jim Sterling


You seriously think this guy had something like Gamergate in mind when he wrote his letter?


By no means do I think he planned Gamergate out when pouring his soul into an angry manifesto about his ex-girlfriend and their crumbling relationship. But he most certainly took an active hand in the targeted harassment that it inspired and has been quite cheery about what GG became.


Nice try but no. I want nothing whatsoever to do with the Cervonovich crowd. This doesn’t make the original issue go away.


Man, I wonder why they can’t get laid.


Not fooling anyone posting to 4chan.


Sorry, could you link to ‘all those amazing reviews for those “games” your ex published’? I can’t seem to find them.


Toxic masculinity has so many sub-genres, but they all come back to the same place: a self-pitying loser who thinks he’s entitled (by the terms of some “free” market of human relationships) to get laid and/or have a new mommy to clean up after him.


Well, you seem to have an uncredited screengrab of someone making the same assertion as you. I stand corrected.


You posted a standard wall of gamergate half-truths and outright lies in the plain service of diddums for one man’s sexual entitlement to a woman who did not want him. Then you ignored a request for receipts on these mythical reviews, always posed as her motive. And now you seem to have a problem with “uncredited” postings of Gjoni’s own words.

Whatever you’re trying to do, I don’t think you’re doing very well at it?


Wow, it’s like Gators can’t be assed to even try to justify their hate.


The smarter ones all moved on to Trump. Which is amazing, when you think about it.


Thanks for that. Hilarious and terrifying.