Remember those Freedom Kids?

It looks like The Donald may have ripped them off. Sad.

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Nope; this was the first I’d heard of them.

Weird how so many Angry Orange supporters have no issue whatsoever with his opportunism and broken promises, until they personally get screwed over by him.


They performed at exactly one Trump rally, about six months ago. They’re equal parts adorable and crengeworthy.


“These are guys that insist they’re straight shooters,” Popick said, “‘You may not like what we’re going to say, but we mean what we say and we say what we mean’ — and they just would not say anything of any substance!”

Now, if only more of his supporters would clue in to that…

Popick is quick to explain that the agreement was not written down, but, instead, involves promises from various agents

Good luck trying to enforce it!


I think I did see a story in my feed about them a while back, and just passed right by it.

The political indoctrination of children holds no appeal for me, even less than using them as props.


Looks like they’re wearing rainbow flags so it must have been Pence’s idea to deny them equal treatment. /sarcasm

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