Remember when Andrew Romine played all nine positions in one MLB game?

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Andrew Romine&nbsp

These designer names are getting out of hand!




Next, he should try doing them all at the same time.



I really, really, really want to replace Andrew Romine with George Santos in that headline! :grin:


Was this the birth of Total Baseball?

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AB de Villiers has been a wicket-keeper, batsman and bowler in international matches and has fielded all over the field, mostly close up.
Not in one match though, that is quite something.

Chris Balderstone played a football (soccer) league match and a county cricket match on the same day in the 1970s.

Balderstone made history on 15 September 1975 by taking part in a County Championship match and a Football League game on the same day.[7] Balderstone was 51 not out against Derbyshire at the end of day two of Leicestershire’s match at Chesterfield. After close of play he changed into his football kit to play for Doncaster Rovers in an evening match 30 miles away (a 1–1 draw with Brentford). He then returned to Chesterfield the following morning to complete a century and take three wickets to help wrap up Leicestershire’s first ever County Championship title.

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No but I remember when it was done twice in the 1960s. And a few times since, in the minor leagues.

I sorta remember Steve Lyons playing all nine positions in a game, but I guess it doesn’t count because it was pre-season?

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